How to Use Water Resources Sparingly

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Water is one of the most important natural deposit and has to be must be managed economically. This can be done by using a digital water meter so that we can able to get the actual flow consumption through the digital flow meter and able to generate the accurate water consumption bill for every household. When no bill was paid we can automatically stop the water connection also. Thus, this project will help us to do effective water conservation. 


The internet has become a requirement for the world community.

With the internet, people can communicate with each other very easily and quickly. With internet people from different continent easily can interact with people from another continent. The internet is not just connecting people but things can also communicate with other objects.

That concept is called an Internet of Things. The concept of connecting the whole thing through wireless generation sums up IOT. Correct flow measurement is an essential step both in the terms of qualitative and monetary factors of view.

Water metering is particularly important for water suppliers since it forms the basis for much of their income through the sale of water to their consumers many nations presently lack right water meter manipulate, with many bulk water providers not having the potential to undertake and control most reliable and incorporated meter calibration, replacement and data management systems.

Conserving water is becoming increasingly important in the world as it faces a widening gap between ever reducing water supplies due to climate change, inefficiencies in agriculture, poor water governance, industrialization, urbanization and increased demand from population growth.

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It results in many environmental, political, economic, and social forces.

There are number of major predictions that III world war might happen because of water. Almost everyone started saying that “if you couldn’t measure, you couldn’t control”. So, what exactly happening to the customer is where the associated water bill is managed to linked to the volume consumed, rather than a flat rate or a fee based on the size of property serviced. So, the one who is not using the water most of time have to pay the same amount that of the person using the water at max. This project solves the existing problem economically and efficiently.

Proposed System

Here we are going to introduce a virtual water meter. So that we can able to get the flow rate of each inlet through the digital flow meter and can able to generate the accurate water consumption bill. And, it has a special advantage of leakage detection, open tap detection, and no flow detection together with a message to the phone as an alert mechanism can jointly do live monitoring along with water quality monitoring.

A Hall Effect Water Flow Meter Sensor is used to count the pulses generated during the flow of water as 0\'s and 1\'s. During the water flow, it generates pulses. This pulse is counted to know how many liters of water is used. Here, we are using a 3/4-inch pipe so after 170 pulses are generated, we count it as 1 liter of water is used.

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