Impact of The Austrian Bushfire

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Wildfires are destructive monsters that destroy everything on this planet they can be connected to global warming. The Austrian bushfire started in September 2019 and is still going on . the blaze burnt the southern part of Australia. The Australian bushfire is a consequence of climate change and our inability to recognize our world and how important it is.

 Northern Australia has a hot humid summer and dry winter the southern part of Austria is cooler with mild summers and rainy winters.

The Australian Bushfire is connected to climate change because of the drought that they had Australia has a higher risk of fire season without any rain. With the fire burning for months in Australia the skies turned red from the fires ravaging around the country.

The wildfire destroyed 8.4 hectares (square miles ) so far over 2,000 homes are destroyed, 25 people died and this fire made a really big economic impact to $4.8bn.In America, celebs are donating money for relief efforts for Australia.

Ellen DeGeneres launched a Go Fund Me page for Australia and she hopes to raise 5 million. Nicole Kidman and Keith urban pledged 500,000 towards the relief efforts. The Red Cross stepped up and help the evacuees and deliver food, water, and basic necessities.\nThe wildfire killed 1 billion estimated animals including birds, reptiles, kangaroos, koalas and all the other animals that make Australia special. The Irwins have reached out and rescued 90,000 animals that were endangered and being treated from injuries. On Kangaroo Island it lost half its population of koalas. Koalas are classified as vulnerable they are almost endangered because they live in trees and most of the trees are gone and after the fire is over there is not enough to repopulate the species.

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The Australian bushfire impacted the global food supply, Australia is a major exporter of wheat and most of the farmland is scorched by fires. Also, Australia is the number 2 beef and veal exporter in the world there is a shortage of that industry because there are 1 billion estimated animals killed. In the dairy industry, there is a shortage because of the fire killing thousands of livestock and the low prices for milk.

The Australian bushfire is a consequence of climate change and our inability to recognize our world and how important it is. By the fire happening people are risking their lives to rescue animals that are special to their country. Climate change is real it started happening in Antarctica by the melting of the polar ice caps. Now it is in Australia it made Australia have a much longer fire season and most of its animals are dead. If we don’t open our own eyes to the world we are living in our world can end. By opening our eyes and paying attention to these major events caused by climate change then we might have a chance in saving our world that we used to know where animals weren’t going extinct left to right by our actions thank you for listening.

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Impact of The Austrian Bushfire
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