Impact of Climate Change on Water Scarcity

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Climate change is the one of growing issues that we are facing worldwide. It has an adverse effect on living beings directly or indirectly.

  1. Temperature fluctuation
  2. Poverty
  3. Health issues
  4. Shortage of food and water
  5. Irrigation
  6. Natural calamities

The changing of climate which living beings are facing rapidly all over the world.

The impact of water scarcity on food, bioenergy and deforestation.

Winchester argues that, Growth in economic and increasing population has increased the demand of food, energy and climate policies has promote development resulting a new competitor for land resources.

Traditional agricultural products and exogenous developments in agricultural productivity has been increased.

Vulnerable Populations at Risk From Effects Of Climate Change

Mcgill argues that,Change in the climate effects the temperature and populations.Environmental Protection Agency states that change in climate has increase air pollution which has arise the health disease like heart attacks and asthma. Vulnerability, impacts and assessment of climate change on Jakarta and Venice. Pages 439-447 | Received 15 Feb 2017, Accepted 17 Sep 2017, Published online: 25 Oct 2017

Varrani states that,In the coming generation, there is the high chance of affecting the coastal areas like venice and Jakarta which are affected by various climatic condition and living habits.

Due to the rising of sea level and subsidence the current situation is seen that the further generation will increase at a highest portion crossing from technical measures to adjustable design for the further fluctuation.

Climate change and water resources management of Oran region

Bouklia-Hassane states that scarcity of water is increasing rapidly. Due to the changing of climate water is not spread out equally the highly affected areas are developing countries due to the scarcity of proper infrastructure and technology to organized resources of water.

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In the year 2020, two hundred fifty million population estimated the issue of increasing of water because of the changing climate in Africa. It is estimated that about forty eight million people in north Africa there is high chance of water stress.

American Journal of Public Health

Smith, Jason states that climate change is impacting people's wellbeing and is predicted to do so in the future. We have proposed that four key policy principles should be critical to effective policy making in this area: mainstreaming, linking mitigation and adaptation policies, applying population perspectives and coordination. As an example, we explored the progress made by California in addressing the climate change challenges to public health in the San Joaquin Valley. In the past few years, California has been significantly hotter, with temperatures more than 3 ° F in 2014 relative to the average records from 1949 to 2005. PM2.5 emissions originate from agricultural activities.

Journal of Water and Climate Change; London

Hatef states that, changing climate is the main problem for the uncertainties of the temperature for sustainability. Owing to climate changes, different climatic conditions have evolved over time. In Iran, for example, the average temperature has increased, while precipitation has fallen by 10 percent. In addition, the increase in temperature will result in a substantial increase in the annual amount of evapotranspiration. Susceptibility to climate change can be seen as susceptibility to climate change-induced environmental shocks.

Climate change has adverse effect on living beings. Especially on poverty, health issues, temperature uncertainties, shortage of food, irrigation, natural calamities etc. It is one of the main problems that is increasing day by day all over the world. Mainly developing countries are facing these problems due to which lives of people are in threat.

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Impact of Climate Change on Water Scarcity
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