Importance of Water Budgeting in the Modern Society

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Water budgeting one of the topics that have been neglected by many people in themodern society and this is very bad owing to the fact that everything that people do in themodern world is not done for discourse (Gregg, 2009). If water is not well budgeted for thenthis means that many people can still decide to die. Looking at the importance water containsa lot of minerals which makes it rich in terms of nutrition as compared to other drinks thathave a lot of nutrients but little minerals in them.

Other drinks like Powerades and Gatoradesonly have an advantage over water because they are flavored. There are varieties of sourcesof water and some of these sources are such as; underground water, sub-surface and surface,frozen, desalination, vegetables and fruits and many others. With these facts in mind, it isvery hard to go anywhere and lack water in the world and for sports people it can only befound in shelves of different shops thus making the sources of water more convenience.

Water is a product that is very cheap to get since it is free everywhere unless someone onlywants to buy those that are bottled although some other forms of water such as the Gatoradeand waterade are very expensive.

Advantages of Consumption

According to research, it is believed that dehydration contributes a lot to poorphysical and mental performance in human beings and also contributes a lot to stress andstrain. The amount of water that is lost through sweating by people who take regularexercises can easily be replaced through taking plain water and this prevents dehydration andother human ailments related to it such as kidney stones.

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We all need to take good care ofourselves by ensuring that what we take into our bodies is safe. Besides relying on the drinksthat are produced for sportsmen, we can also treat it with the means that are available.Alternatively, we can rely on the companies that produce sports drinks since they ensure thatit goes through a long chain of distribution before it reaches to us the consumers (Gregg,2009).

Disadvantages of Consumption

Although sports drinks are considered to be very sweet by most people in the society,it contributes a lot to the breaking down of the enamel since they contain some sugar andcontents that contain a lot of calories in them. Unless one is a sportsperson, it is believed thattaking Gatorades or waterade can contribute to weight increase since they have high levels ofsugar and other calories as compared to ordinary water. On the other hand, there are nodisadvantages of consuming water, but it only has advantages.

HR Budget Overview

When making a budget of water then the managers should always realize that there issomething very essential and it is a basic need in the society and that is water. The budgetshould always be done while looking at the increased rate of productivity which is measuredper the amount of dollar spent. The budget is done after looking at the overall productivity ofthe employees in a given company or organization thus, they decide to improve it since mostof the HR departments rarely get to know what is happening in the organization before theylook at the performance of the employees. When focusing on the budget overview of H20,the HR is supposed to focus on the productivity, sales made, margins, the quality of product,the pace of development and customer satisfaction. When the budget is made with thisapproach, then factors associated with water in the society will be sorted out the soonestpossible.Cost reduction StrategiesThese are strategies that are taken in the business world especially when focusing onthe amount of water that can be consumed. Cost reducing strategy entails a lot of things, butthe most important thing is the value of the shareholder, strategizing on how to go into theglobal economic world. Cost reduction of H20 also helps in evaluation of long-term plans of cost management and also makes management techniques possible. Cost reduction alsoensures that most people are able to afford it, and this is very important in the society (Gregg,2009).

Cost Cutting Strategies

There are many strategies that can be used to cut down the cost of H20 since thismakes the expenses more affordable and also helps an organization to save enough moneyand also makes a company make more profits. This means that the rate of growth of expensesand revenues increase at the same time. Doing the math is a very effective strategy towardscutting down the cost of H20. Another strategy that can be used to cut down the cost of wateris through analyzing the products and the services that are more profitable as compared toothers. It is always not good to cut down the fixed costs in any budget since this couldinterfere with the budget. Looking at the expenses that have been made and deciding whichcosts are important than others is very important. It is not advisable to go into cutting costsonly when the economy has started altering but also when it is stable because this will help insaving. Finally, a person who roughly exercises for one hour can easily dehydrate orreplenish their muscles completely through taking a lot of water. Taking natural water is oneof the best ways of utilizing its nutrients since they have no effects on the lives of humanbeings as compared to replacing it with a foreign fluid.

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Importance of Water Budgeting in the Modern Society
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