Important Issues We Face

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Water is essential for maintaining food supply and a productive environment for the human population and other animals, and plants worldwide. As the human population grows the resource has decreased also human food supply, water shortages reduce biodiversity in both the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. All fresh water on earth is stored in the ground 30 percent of the water has been used up so far and there more we take for that the less we must use. 65 percent of the groundwater irrigation water pumped from the aquifer is an example of a natural phenomenon caused by human activity.

The environmental impact of the coal industry issues such as land use, waste management, and water, and air pollution all are causing problems. (Bioscience,2004)

We are running dry, running out: we’re wasting too much water despite the warning to turn it off. With the increase of people, there are limited resources for us to use. The agency will use the report to argue to increase the number of homes with water meters.

(Jowit,2008). To reduce the amount of water we use at home we spend billions of dollars, and we waste over 10 to 20 million extra water usage. It brought attention to the government that the availability and use of water for 21 companies, 24.3m households, and a population of 54.4m. America barely has enough water to grow crops and the less water we have the less food we must feed on. The food to feed 54.4m people in America and the government is finding ways to help.

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The government also causes why we have no more water to live off. 30 percent of the homes have water meters most people use at least 15 percent less water use (Moffatt,2018) Some states are unlikely to address the environmental issues that we are facing there are powerful cases to be made about these issues. The federal government is looking for leadership in scientific research on the nature and scope of concerns and some of these areas. There are ongoing debates about the appropriate role of government in solving environmental problems, with many problems calling for increased government discussions (Adler,2014).

Federal, states and local governments all play roles in protecting our environment. The US EPA sets standards and oversees the implementation of most of our major environmental protection laws. The US EPA gives the state government the job of implementing some of the laws. The states do this by issuing “permits” to the industries regulated by the law to emit only what they determine to be acceptable amounts of specific pollutants. In our state, the LDEQ has that responsibility. The LDEQ works with the US EPA and regulated industries in Louisiana to make sure discharges to the air, water and land stay within the legal limits. At the local, government regulations are called ordinances. Parish-level governments are of as either police juries or home-ruled charters. The federal government passes laws to protect human health and the environment and creates regulations to enforce those laws. The states can then create laws and regulations that may be stricter than the federal regulations but cannot be weaker. Federal, state, and local governments all play an important role in protecting the environment. But for the government to work effectively, citizens must participate. We all have the right to clean air, land, and water and the government works to protect that right. The federal agency of the united states government that is most responsible for limiting the effects of pollution is the environmental protection agency (Louisiana Environmental Action Network,2019)

Addressing environmental problems defined, hypothesis made, the model constructed. Risk analysis potential effects or various interventions. Public engagement in changing public attitudes and political considerations implements courses of action. Long-term environmental management results from actions carefully monitored. The public can make more of an effect on cleaning the environment. The government needs to find ways to stop the plant earth and put more carbon in the air at this rate, there will be less air for us to breathe. The more trees they cut down the more carbon in the air cause the trees can’t take it in. When the city builds malls and stores and complex places, they must cut down trees to use the land. When they remove the trees there are no roots for the water to get soaked up by and then the land floods and the city must build ditches to contain the water. It’s becoming a larger and larger problem for us and the environment. As we continue to waste more and more. We use more natural resources and increase pollution in our world. About 900 million trees are cut down each year to create material. The carbon footprint of food and Bioenergy production have studied that the impact on the environment of land use has been underestimated in most of the life cycle. There are also water issues and the problem is developing countries are diverse and serious problems, including the natural scarcity of drinking water in certain areas. Floods the siltation of river systems as well as the pollution in the waters. These are important topics or problems for debate or discussion.

The main government issues are water usage, waste management also pollution. The federal government has big issues and debates about how we are keeping our earth clean and pollution-free. These are important ongoing problems we are facing. Problems have driven research and refocused regularly to ensure that the most important problems are being addressed. The EPA should concentrate on effects areas where the private sector has little incentive to conduct. The EPA should maintain these issues and problems and support the issue and acknowledge what the problems cause and the natural causes. The main issues are including air pollution, ozone pollution, ties to human health with asthma, and diesel emissions.

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