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The basic aspects of modern landscape planning practice contain three different levels of pursuit: landscape perception level; Environment, ecology and resources; Human behavior and its associated cultural, historical and artistic dimensions. Among them, the landscape experience level is the common understanding between insiders and outsiders, the environment, ecology and resources level are mainly the pursuit of outsiders, and the cultural history is more the goal that insiders consider and want to achieve.The "landscaping movement" is not unique to China.

It has also happened in European and American countries, but because China's cities are too large and too numerous, the waste and harm are more serious. In this context, the concept of reverse landscape planning and the "art of survival" emerged. That is to say, the landscape should first protect the ecology: protect the rivers, forests, water systems, historical and cultural heritage, green corridors and so on, then consider the development and construction of the landscape.

This is the core idea of reverse landscape planning.

Recreation behavior, landscape form and environmental ecology are three levels of conceptual goals in landscape planning. First, the planning of "recreation behavior" focuses on the assessment, analysis, setting and prediction of the interwoven landscape resources (natural and man-made), people's behavioral psychology and project economy. Second, the planning of "landscape form" is also called landscape planning. Its core is the recreational behavior, landscape projects, facilities construction, the two of the spatial layout, time stages, facilities design, collectively referred to as the landscape planning.

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Thirdly, the planning of "environmental ecology", the core of which is to identify, analyze and protect the landscape environment, the natural element environment of scenic spots and the impact caused by landscape development and construction.

The current landscape construction, the concept of basic advocate ecological priority, water city, ecological basis, blue and green interweave. The concepts of cutting down trees less, filling lakes carefully, and not demolishing houses are actually the content of reverse planning, which is intended to emphasize the value of natural and cultural heritage, the protection of natural and cultural heritage, and then the development and construction of landscape.\nLandscape planning should make the natural system complete, healthy, continuous and safe. Landscape should get free and sustainable ecosystem services from nature; Landscape should serve people, embody its social value, and embody social fairness. All these constitute the contemporary value system under the concept of landscape planning.

Based on the three levels of landscape planning practice, three new schools are emerging among the various schools of landscape planning. These three schools represent the development direction of modern landscape architecture. First, the combination with environmental art. Focus on the visual image of the public landscape environmental art school. Second, the school of landscape ecology combined with urban planning and design. Regional landscape and environmental planning marked by land landscape, landscape planning oriented by visual landscape, landscape planning oriented by environmental ecology. Third, the combination of tourism planning and planning. Landscape recreation school focuses on the landscape planning of public behavior and psychology.

As outsiders to the landscape and landscape planning knowledge and experience mainly includes two aspects. First, the core concept of the current era is the concept of ecological civilization. We must keep in mind the concept of ecological civilization, which is a revolutionary concept and a negation of industrial civilization. Second, the fundamental purpose of landscape planning is to serve the people. Landscape planning is to meet people\'s yearning for a better life, and the goal of landscape planning is to closely focus on "people". Having a goal, a method, a concept, and a series of projects designed and implemented to achieve that idea, to present it to the public, and to serve the public at the same time. It is convincing that, even if the concept of ecological civilization cannot be understood at the beginning, as long as we stick to a correct concept, adhere to the concept of "people" as the center and service for "people", landscape planning will eventually be accepted by the public.

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