The Influence of European Union

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At the time of the formation of the first States and international unions, their activity largely depended not only on the forms of its own internal state structure, but also on the organizational forms of interstate communication, when some United supranational bodies continue and complete the functional activities of internal state organizations. This influence is reflected to this day, increasing its role in the development of human existence, when people realized that only joint efforts can withstand such global, inter-ethnic problems of our time as environmental and technological security, organized crime, terrorism, limited natural resources, the international division of labor, the need for disarmament, etc.

Since the middle of the XX century, the world has increased the trend towards inter-state interaction. A common form of such interaction is an integration Association, which is defined in the constituent document as a group of States United to achieve a specific goal (or goals) by performing strategic tasks. In a state and international associations in which the individual plays a fundamental role in the political process, the attention paid by governments to the needs of the individual, rather than to an abstract social stratum, is one of the effective incentives to unite.

One of the most powerful and strategically important unions today is the European Union. It was an Association of 28 States whose main goal was to ensure the peace and prosperity of their citizens in an increasingly close Association based on common economic, political and social goals. Progress within the European Union has been achieved by creating a space without internal borders, strengthening economic and social integration, and establishing an economic and monetary Union.

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The creation of a single market ensured the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital.The creation of the European Union was due to the fact that in Western Europe after the Second world war, there was a contradiction between the international character of modern production and the narrow national-state borders of its functioning. The European Union is one of the three main and most developed centers of the modern world, along with the United States of America and Japan. The main goals of the European Union differ significantly from other integration associations of the modern world in terms of their geopolitical scale. The phenomenon of successful Western European integration is a unique phenomenon in world politics and Economics.
However, since 2014 (elections to the European Parliament), relations between the European Union and great Britain are beginning to deteriorate. In 2016, the British authorities officially declared the irrelevance of the European Union as such, and the country\'s need to solve this problem as soon as possible by leaving the Union. In order to support their claims with actions, the authorities initiated a national referendum on the country\'s withdrawal from the European Union. The further development of the European Union was in a difficult position due to various contradictory events and problems. One of them is brexit, which has dramatically changed the political situation in the Union. Brexit is an English neologism formed from the first two letters of the word \"Britain\" and the word \"exit\", which means the UK\'s exit from the European Union.
\"The trouble with Europe is that it erodes Britain\'s sovereignty – both in terms of employment , border control, human rights, and all sorts of little things,\"- London mayor Boris Johnson said.
Traditionally, the United Kingdom is one of those countries that participate in the development of key international decisions that determine the trends in the development of global political processes and the entire world community as a whole. Despite a number of reasons of geographical, political and other nature, the UK has long maintained a policy of detachment from the processes taking place on the European continent. However, the development of the system of international relations after the Second world war and changes in the course of the United Kingdom itself forced the country\'s political elite not only to reconsider their positions, but also to actively participate in the process of forming the European economic community and have a significant impact on the process of forming the European Union. The UK has always taken a special position in relation to Western European integration and the European Union. Since the United Kingdom joined the EEC in 1973. in the history of European integration, a discussion has begun about Britain\'s special political status and role in Europe. The main reasons for this are the remote location from the continent, special national traditions, and a neoliberal economic model that differs from the economies of other European countries and is less susceptible to undesirable external changes. As a result, disputes within the UK about the necessity and practical feasibility of this type of integration have intensified.
The European Union was originally created as a political, economic and social bloc of European countries, with the aim of creating a single pan-European space. European countries were primarily interested in strengthening their economies, which was the reason for their unification into a single component. However, after joining the European Union, London did not sign the Schengen agreement and did not switch to the Euro, trying to preserve elements of political and economic independence. The very principle of supranational control over the economy, finances, and laws was completely disliked by many in the United Kingdom. In the European Union, the British were not satisfied with, for example, agricultural policies that lead to inefficient use of resources and inflated prices for products. London did not like European Union labour law because of its lack of flexibility and excessive focus on numerous social benefits. The principle of free movement of labor has shown its negative sides against the background of the migration crisis, and the same requirements for granting benefits to migrants and the highly complicated extradition process strengthen the position of brexit supporters.
The referendum on the UK\'s membership of the European Union will forever remain in history, because for the first time since the European integration, one of the participating countries decided to withdraw from its membership. The will of the British people to leave the European Union has had a significant impact on the current situation of the member States of the European Union, and has shaken its position on the world stage. At this stage, Germany and France now hold key positions in the governance of the European Union.
During its stay in the European Union, the UK managed to stabilize its position in Europe. In addition, through the European Union, with its complex system, the UK was able to have a much greater impact on solving global political problems. The Europeanization of Britain\'s economy and foreign economic relations helped to strengthen its position on world markets and in the international arena. The changes that occur in the UK after leaving the European Union are as follows: the British pound has fallen in price, the stock market has grown, and there has been a small increase in cases of individual racism. British banks are also interested in interacting with continental Europe. In addition, the UK plans to establish economic cooperation with countries from other continents that have much more in common with Britain in cultural and legal matters, for example, the United States. Without Brexit, the European Union would have continued its persistent movement towards the long-established goal of not only integrating economically but also politically, creating a Federal state. This goal, set out in the founding documents of the European Union, implies a transition from an interstate organization, which the European Union is now, to a full-fledged state, in which all institutions corresponding to this high status will be formed. This all-European election of a common President, the creation of unified ministries in key areas of public administration, the introduction of a single entry visa, the formation of its own defense forces and internal order, etc. Thus, Brexit helped the UK government avoid total control over its country.
However, Europe is still interested in continuing relations with the UK, even after it leaves the European Union. The future role of the UK in the European Union will largely depend on what strategy the country chooses in relation to the EU, however, the UK\'s withdrawal from the Union will have a significant impact on the future of not only the EU itself, but also the entire world community.
To date, after Brexit, the European Union authorities have noted a huge increase in the demand for citizens of the United Kingdom to obtain a residence permit in the Union. The reason for this phenomenon is the desire of Britons to visit and work in the European Union. The share of tourism in the Kingdom increased by 18% per month. The fall in the British currency has attracted foreign investors and tourists from all over the world.
If we talk about the worst opportunities for the development of relations between Europe and the UK, then it is worth noting the possible trade war between the EU and the United Kingdom. This will have a powerful impact on Britain\'s exports and its economy as a whole. The consequences of leaving the European Union threaten Britain, for it, long-term economic damage, which can lead to the main reason for the migration of young professionals from the UK to other Western countries. it is alarming that this phenomenon is the first time Britain will face, because before this country annually entered a large number of specialists in all modern spheres of society. The UK, like the US, has been quite adept at supporting young talent from all over the world, attracting high-class specialists in many areas to their country. Now, many of the bureaucratic hurdles caused by the consequences of Brexit will significantly weaken this process. But the UK also currently has the ability to create new trade deals with countries outside the European Union, such as Canada and China, although there have been no trade deals so far.
In the end, the UK and the European Union will have to find a new format of relations that takes into account all the parameters of bilateral cooperation in order to maintain and maintain friendly relations.

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