Introducing Aramco: Natural Disasters and Catastrophes

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The disaster can struck at any time without any warning, natural disaster such as Earthquake, tornado, hurricane etc are unavoidable. But the manmade disasters can be prevented and mitigated somehow. The industrial disasters are the worst of the kind because they cannot only ruin the reputation of the company but also many employees can lost their life in the process. Some of these disasters can have long lasting impact on the general people and the workers. The history is full of such kind of disasters such as Bhopal incident, Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, BP oil spill, and many others.

In this project, the company considered is the Aramco Company.

Which is the leading oil company and one of the main source of the economy for Saudi Arabia. Although, Saudi Arabia has employed a team of efficient engineers and foreign expatriates workers presides over the main functional units of the company, there is still chances of any mishap either during manufacturing or during the shipment of the oil.

So, the existing plan for the disaster response will be considered and analyzed. Besides that some prominent incidents which have occurred in the company will be considered as a case study and at the end a better disaster response and recovery process will be recommended in this project.


Owing to the recent incidents in the Aramco Company which have resulted in the death of many workers and also have damaged the infrastructure of the company, there is a need to discuss and analyzing the existing disaster management strategy of the Aramco Company and how well they have learned from the past incidents.

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Moreover, it’s important to highlight the key problems in the existing strategy and to have a new and better strategy. In order to save lives and to make the main industry of the company reliable than ever.


The project will have the following objectives that will be needed to cover for the successful implementation for the project.

  • · Introduction of Aramco Company, its disaster and crisis management policy.
  • · Analyzing some recent and past incidents that have resulted in casualties, injuries and damage of infrastructure.
  • · Identifying the root causes of the incidents.
  • · Highlighting the key problems in the disaster response and recovery process.
  • · Suggesting the new strategy to have better response during emergency situation.


A detailed research report will be submitted as a product to the faculty which will highlight the main finding of this project. The report will have the new purposed strategy for disaster management and some alternative options for the solution of the problem will be also discussed in the final report. It is expected that report will provide the depth analysis into the main problem and based upon the nature of the problem best solution will be purposed. Because multiple issues can be explored while doing the research and it is necessary to discuss these issues.


A case study type methodology will be implemented in which the prominent disaster occurred in the Aramco company will be discussed. The strategy used by the company to handle such issues will also come under question and human factor will also be considered in the research. Three cases studies will be discussed in the research report and the strategy used to handle the tragedy will be focal point. To gather the information about the Aramco Company and their strategy online reliable articles will be cited and if the necessary information is not collected, an industrial tour for Aramco Company can be arranged to discuss their strategy with their senior crisis management officer.

Resources, Time

Yes, the product will be delivered during the specified time under normal circumstances, because I have done most of the research on the topic and have already made a plan to deliver this project on time. Which include submitting every required document on time.

Coordination with Other Department

To remain ethical in this project and not to violate the policy of this university writing center will be visited before submitting every milestone to make sure there isn’t any plagiarism in the report and everything I will submit is my own work. Besides that


The cost of the project is expected to be around $700 including the cost of an industrial tour to Aramco Company and the cost spend on buying articles from research journals.

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Introducing Aramco: Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
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