Invasive Species: Coqui Frog In California

A native species is a species that has been observed in the form of a naturally occuring and self sustaining population in historical time. A non native species are a species that have been introduced into a new area that have not historically been part. A an invasive species is a species that is not native to specific location. My species that I i’m doing my project on is the common coqui frog. This frog looks like a small big eyed frog with a gold skin with sparkles.

In my paper I will be talking about were the coqui came from. Also it’s history the negative and impacts about this frog.

The coqui came from puerto rico but some say the they coqui came on a plant and hitched hiked to california.It became a problem when people were noise complaining about the noise the frogs were making. Another reason was they would invade property that was being sold so they would have to lower the price.

No I don’t think it is a problem in humboldt county. But in these places it is like florida and hawaii and san diego.

Is a problem in california because they jump to plant that is like a tropical plant and they get shipped to united states and in california. Common coqui have reached densities of over 22,500 frogs per acre hawaii.The nocturnal call of a male coqui can reach noise levels of 80 to 90 decibels the equivalent of running lawnmower. The population can impact and invade ecosystem by out competing native birds and other animals for food.

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By not letting the plants come over without checking them for any kind of animal or frog that lives on it. Pay attention your plant to see where they hid and if you hear nose and also check for eggs in the plants. It doesn’t really say how much but you pretty much just get rid of them by your selves. These frogs are really easy to find cause they’re hiding spots are like to hid in plants that are leaves or sometimes under the dirt but mostly in a leaf that is the crumpled so you don’t see them but you can spot them cause of the noise they make.

My coqui frog is overall impacting california because they get transported here because people don’t check the plants that get bringed. You always have to be aware of anything so check before you buy a plant or anything always be on the spot. Like I said before check for places where they hid or ask someone to come and take a look at. Or watch a video on how to get rid of it.

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Invasive Species: Coqui Frog In California
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