Invasive Species From Eastern Asia

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There is three types of species native, non-native, and invasive. A native species is a species that normally lives and thrives in a particular ecosystem. A non-native species is a species that lives outside its native distributional range. An invasive species is a species that can cause or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. The invasive species that I chose is called the northern snakehead. The northern snakehead has a really snake looking face and long teeth that look like fangs.

The back half of the snakehead looks like a fish with two long fins one on the top and one on the bottom and a tail. The fish has strips of brown and tan. In this paper I will be talking about the snakehead fish.

My species of the snakehead fish is from Eastern Asia. The snakehead fish has been a problem in California since about the 1800s. The fish is mostly located in swamps, rice paddies, ponds, reservoirs, ditches, and canals.

The snakehead is not a problem in humboldt county. It is found more southern California.

The snakehead fish is a problem in California because it is an invasive species which means it can ruin economy. The snakehead has some economic and agriculture impacts. Some impacts are that snakeheads are voracious and aggressive predators that eat a variety of animals, including fish of all sizes, frogs, small reptiles, crustaceans, insects, sometimes young birds and mammals, and their own young if other food sources are limited.

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With no known predators, snakeheads dominate the food web and not only prey on native species, but compete with them for food and habitat. Snakeheads could have an impact on local economies if they were to out-compete commercially important sportfish species. In addition, snakeheads also carry many parasites, which they could potentially introduce to native species in the water bodies they invade.

We can try to prevent the snakehead population from growing. We can do this by keep catching the fish and so we can get the population down to a little number instead of a big number like they are now. Another way we can do this is by eliminating some of their food. The cost of prevention will depend on what you used to prevent them from growing. The prices can be a lot or a little.

The snakehead fish is a very invasive species from Eastern Asia. It has negative impacts on California such as eating native species. If you ever come in contact with the snakehead fish try to get rid of it by not putting in back in the water.

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Invasive Species From Eastern Asia
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