Learning from Young, Living Like Young

When we were young, our parents taught us to grow. Now, we teach our parents to know the present world. With the emergence of the problem of aging, the elderly account for an increasing proportion of the population. Today, with the advancement of science and technology, old people are becoming less and less suitable for this world. Many old ideas of old people are not in line with modern ideas. Some old people think that their bodies are old, but they also hope that they can still live like young people.

At this time, it is like young people’s parents taught them when they were children. Young people like our generation are gradually starting to teach their parents a lot. Let them not fall behind in modern society.

First, young people can teach the elderly how to use new technology to enable the elderly to enjoy new technologies. In 1965, Gordon Moore made a prediction that would set the pace for our modern digital revolution.

Moore in his paper “Cramming more components onto integrated circuits,” “The number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit double about every two years” (Moore 3). This theory reflects that the speed of technological progress is very fast. In life, we can also see the rapid update of some high-tech products such as mobile computers, constantly subverting our habits and our imagination. As a result, older people are gradually no longer using new technology products. Aaron Smith also listed a set of survey data in his article ‘Older Adults and Technology Use,” “Just 18% would feel comfortable learning to use a new technology device such as a smartphone or tablet on their own, while 77% indicate they would need someone to help walk them through the process” (Smith 1).

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This set of data fully illustrates the helplessness of the elderly and their need for people’s help. The people who can help these old people to learn advanced technology and use the latest equipment are the young people around the old people.

Second, young people can teach older people new environmental concepts and environmentally friendly ways. For many years or more, to seek accelerated development of technology, factories are spread all over the world. S. Sugiyama wrote a book about environmental history, which mentioned in the book “Since most industries relied on heat treatment processes, rapid industrial growth caused coal consumption to grow wherever industry was located. … However, the expansion of coal consumption is not the only reason that air pollution became a nationwide problem during the Industrial Revolution”(Sugiyama 85-109). People at the time did not have the awareness to protect the environment. After that time, people realized the importance of environmental protection and put it into action to protect the environment. After so many years, the young people of that development time became the old people of today. These elders maintain an ignorant attitude about what the environment is. They drove old cars with large emissions and burned wood in the winter to heat up. Of course, these behaviors have indeed become living habits that old people cannot change. But it is precisely because the old people’s attitude towards the environment makes them not make changes. However, the children of the elderly can teach the elderly how to do it. More and more young people are trying to tell the elderly that environmental protection is very important now, and telling the old people that their old habits will lead to air and seawater pollution. Old people may not believe in the news, but they will certainly pay attention to the advice of young people. While changing the old people’s concept, young people can also teach the old people to distinguish which new products are environmentally friendly, and cultivate the habits of old people to use energy-saving products such as energy-saving lamps and solar energy. Gary Haq mentioned in his article, “The older were concerned about the environment, the threat of climate change, and energy and water security” (Haq 1). It is precise because young people teach the elderly about new environmental concepts and environmental protection methods that the attitudes of the elderly towards the environment have changed.

Third, young people can make the elderly aware of the importance of sports and teach the elderly how to exercise properly. As the age of the elderly grows, the health problems faced by the elderly are getting worse. Some of these health problems are caused by physical aging and lack of exercise. It seems that more and more news mentions that the elderly fall and cause injuries. Or the elderly have suffered damage to the spine because of sedentary, and even severe paralysis. These are caused by a lack of exercise. A group of doctors wrote a statement for the American College of Sports Medicine “Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults,” “Although no amount of physical activity can stop the biological aging process, there is evidence that regular exercise can minimize the physiological effects of an otherwise sedentary lifestyle and increase active life expectancy by limiting the development and progression of chronic disease and disabling conditions”(FACSM pp.1510). Old people can’t exercise very well because they rarely use the Internet or can’t leave home too far. Young people can teach older people how to use their limited space and resources to exercise at home. Improve the physical health of the old people, so that the old people can receive fitness without burden. At the same time, Alzheimer’s disease has become a common disease in the elderly. ‘There is also emerging evidence for significant psychological and cognitive benefits accruing from regular exercise participation by older adults'(FACSM pp.1510). Only young people change the attitude that old people do not like to exercise so that the elderly can get active, and the body and brain of the elderly can get well. For our loved ones to live a better life, young people should work hard to teach older people to exercise. Teach All older adults should engage in regular physical activity and avoid an inactive lifestyle. Teach all older adults to have regular physical activity and avoid an inactive lifestyle.

Of course, many people think that young people can’t teach the elderly anything. Indeed this is a situation that exists. But I need to say that the reason for this situation is not from young people, but the elderly. Some writers have pointed out the reason: “It could be because they are tired of learning and ‘just want to relax’ or perhaps they feel that they’ve ‘graduated’ and learned all they needed to know” (Chen 2). Yes, that’s because elders have adapted to the fashion style of their time and have not changed since today. I know that because old people are too lazy to learn new things, it is difficult to accept the teaching of young people. At this time, young people can teach the elderly to pick up the impulse to explore new things. Let them realize that they are not old. Only the elderly realize that their body is old, but the mind cannot be old. Older people can live like a young men. This is the most important attitude that young people can teach. The young man can change the enthusiasm of the elderly and change the concept of the old people sticking to the tradition. Let the old people realize that they are about to fall behind. When the attitude of the elderly “rejecting new things” is resolved, the elderly are certainly willing to learn more from young people. Only when the elderly are full positive and curious about life can they not fall behind in modern times. Being able to learn from young people constantly and live like a young man. So I still insist that older people can learn a lot from young people.

In summary, some people may think that young people have little value to teach their elders. But the actual situation is just the opposite. Young people have a plethora of information to teach old people. One of the advantages of being young is having a different perspective on life than one’s seniors. Young people have not been influenced by nearly as many people as an old person, and therefore, their thoughts and ideas are more their own. Young people can teach old people how to use new technologies so that old people can enjoy new technologies. Young people can teach older people new environmental attitudes and ways. Young people can teach old people how to live like young people. Young people can also help train the habits of the elderly to exercise and teach the elderly how to exercise properly. No matter which age group you belong to, we must believe that everyone can share and teach others. Especially when the elderly voluntarily choose to accept new things and choose to learn from young people. An older person can learn from these new ideas, and once again, see the world with the freshness and fascination of a young person.

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Learning from Young, Living Like Young
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