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Technical development. It is known that in everyday life, a person does not use 100% of the power of his brain – but can we say this about artificial intelligence? Far from a fact. Developments will continue, logic will improve, and, alas, no one knows what this may lead to. That’s what intelligence is for-to come to logical conclusions, having prerequisites, but not always having template answers ready.

The use of robots for surveillance. It may seem that this flaw is an invention of conspiracy theorists and science fiction authors, and, nevertheless, it can not be denied that this is possible.

Even the simplest household robots purchased for simplified farming can ‘report’ to their owners if they suddenly notice something unreliable. Many people need privacy, which robots can deprive them of.

The lack of crash protection. Although the robots will be monitored by knowledgeable people, this does not mean that the system will not fail. At the same time, it can be very difficult to track them – especially for a person without a specialized education.

The accumulation of errors can lead to severe disruption of the system and even to loss of data, which can sometimes be critical.

Loss of jobs. It is possible that robots will not replace people immediately, since this area requires a large investment, and yet, in the future, it is quite possible. A functioning robot cannot make a mistake that leads to terrible consequences, since it is not familiar with the concept of the ‘human factor’. Of course, robots also need to be monitored, because they can break down – does this mean that the work for which you can get money will remain only with robots? Everything is possible.

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Huge investment. Unfortunately, or fortunately, science is not a financial priority for most countries, and it can take years to develop something truly important. Few are willing to spend money on this, which is why the development of artificial intelligence for a long time stands still.

Lack of environmental friendliness. It has long been obvious that if something becomes the last nail in The coffin of the earth’s ecology, it will be technical progress. Devices that have artificial intelligence can play an important role in this, since their developers think about the environment in the last place. If before, even if there was a critical level of ecology in the settlement, a person sought to at least protect their home, having such devices at hand, you can unwittingly become the culprit of environmental pollution.

out of control; the desire of people to create more Autonomous devices can lead to the fact that devices running under AI control can not be stopped or corrected in time; hacking; management of AI systems associated with critical industries for the life of society (water and energy supply, defense) can be intercepted by hackers, as demonstrated in the film ‘Die Hard 4’.

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Level Of Ecology
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