A Look at Manure Pollution in Water and Its Effects

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Pollution is a problem to every one. One kind of pollution is manure pollution in water. There is a lot of confused people as what should be done, and what can be done to stop it. They have to find a better way of dealing with it. Because livestock is part of our total economy, but they can be an asset to our environment. Proper mangement of manure can be good for the enviornment. However poor management of livestock and manure can hurt our lives.

If there is to much nitrogen in your water and you drink a lot of it. It will hurt you and it could defect your baby before it is born.

"Manure, wast not, want not." (Agri-view). Manure should be returned to the land. We have helped improve poor soil by adding fertilizer and manure in the proper ways. The best ways are in the fall, then plow it under or in the spring after the snow has melted.

You also should watch the weather. You should not spreed when it is going to rain so the manure won't runoff the field. There are two ways of handling manure. The first is to spread it every or every other day. That is the worst because when you put it on snow and the snow melts it runs into a river or goes down to the ground water and pollutes it.

The best way of handling of manure is to build a six month pit or harvester.

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That means that you can hold your livestock manure and all the runoff that is run into it for six months or more. To build a pit you must have a overview map that shows:

  1. Farm buildings, yards surrounding area, homes, other buildings, lakes, ponds, streams, roads, and other prominent landmarks, with in about one-half mile, should be shown and feet from pit.
  2. Exact location of wells.
  3. Exact location of manure storage facility.
  4. General topography with contours dranage patterns, soil types and amount of slop in the area."(Bruns)

If these are all ok. Then to know how big to build it you have to figure out how much runoff you get in the pit. So it does not run over. If you have that, you can build.


"Practices that keeps manure out of the waters:

  1. Don't deposit manure into surface waters. Livestock should not have access to streams, ponds, and ditches. Keep waste water from surface waters.
  2. Reduces pollated runoff Volume. Use curbs or channels to reroute runoff. Clean animals areas as often as posible to reduce the volume of polluted runoff.
  3. Reduce movement of land applied manure. Apply liquid to match the infiltration rate and capacity of the soil. Apply manure on grassed waters ways and next to surface waters during drier seasons."(Oregon)

Water pollution is a major problem in or world. If every one dosen't do their part the water supply will be gone soon. Every kind of pollution counts if it is manure or oil or garbage it hurts the water and us.


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A Look at Manure Pollution in Water and Its Effects
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