Major Issue of Water Pollution

​​​​​​​Water has played a pretty much noticeable role is the sustenance of life on the earth. Present-day practices have regularly disregarded the old practices of saving water leading to undesired results in the form of increasing water pollution.


The presence of such substances in the environment which can be harmful to the various forms of life on the earth is what we term as pollution. Under this category, the contamination of water bodies is specifically referred to as water pollution. Lakes, oceans, rivers and groundwater mainly constitute the water bodies on the earth. However, due to various activities, especially of the human beings, this water has been contaminated to such an extent that researches have been forced to study the effect of this phenomenon on the life on earth.

Types of Water Pollution

The contamination of water bodies can be classified into three types, mainly, groundwater pollution, marine pollution and surface water pollution. Contaminated water from drains and industries which flows above the topmost layer of the soil usually creeps into the soil and gets mixed with the groundwater, thereby polluting it. This contaminated water then interacts with the nutrients present in the soil and alters their quality. This is termed as groundwater pollution.

Similarly, the wastewater released from the industries flows into the river and thereby reaches the seas and oceans. This is termed as marine pollution. It only affects humans but has an adverse effect on marine life as well.

In the case of surface water pollution, the wastewater remains on the surface of the earth and polluted it. This leads to the deficiency of nutrients in the soil as nutrients from other sources are not able to penetrate in the soil due to the presence of this contaminated water.

Sources and Effects of Water Pollution

Different activities of humans have led to the contamination of the water bodies. For instance:

  • Industrial Waste 

Pollutants such as mercury, asbestos, lead and petrochemicals which are released as industrial waste, find their way in the water bodies and contaminate them. Often this makes the water unfit not only for drinking but also for domestic use and survival of marine life as well. There have been numerous occasions where groups of dead fish have swept ashore at a given time due to the sudden increase of such chemicals in the water. Moreover, the spillage of oil from the ships often creates a hindrance for the oxygen in the air to get dissolved in water, thereby making it difficult for the marine animals to breathe.

  • Sewage and Waste Water 

Another instance where the water bodies get contaminated is due to the release of sewage and wastewater directly into the bodies without being treated. Untreated wastewater can at times pose to be very poisonous not only for human life but for fishes as well.

  • Global Warming 

Global warming is another phenomenon which has been often credited with the cause of increasing water pollution. There has been a rise in water temperature levels due to global warming which has even led to the death of water animals as well as plants as they were not able to survive in the increased temperatures.

  • Radioactive Waste 

Radioactive waste is another major cause of water pollution. Radioactive substances are utilized in atomic power plants, mechanical, medicinal and other logical procedures. They can be found in watches, glowing timekeepers, TVs and x-beam apparatus. There are likewise normally occurring radioisotopes from creatures and inside the earth. If not appropriately discarded, radioactive waste can result in genuine water contamination episodes.

  • Dumping 

Dumping of strong squanders and litters in water bodies cause water pollution. Litters incorporate glass, plastic, aluminium, Styrofoam and so on. They influence amphibian plants and creatures.

Measures to Control Water Pollution

It has become utmost importance for all of us that we must seriously think over executing some strong steps so as to decrease, if not stop, this ever growing menace of water pollution. Some of the measures which can be incorporated are:

  • Educating People

First and above all measure, we ought to teach individuals on the harmful impacts of water pollution. In cities where lack of education is high among the rustic individuals, there ought to be state-funded training from those talented in these fields to assist the provincial individuals with stopping the release of waste in the water bodies. Moreover, open defecation and wrong fishing practices should be controlled.

  • Fines and Laws 

In the urban zones, Industries and production lines let out a considerable measure of their waste into the water bodies. An appropriate fine forced on them and in addition publication on their wrongdoing will enable them to stop these practices. Laws ought to be likewise authorized to guarantee that such industries stop from rough spillage strategies which wreck water assets like fish, lobsters and so on.

  • Media Contribution 

Using radio and TV with adverts on the impacts of water contamination additionally ought to be urged to get the message crosswise over and also Public Service Announcements. The more developments there are to lessen water pollution, the more secure the water bodies will be.

  • Appropriate transfer of waste 

There ought to be legitimate transfer of both strong and fluid waste. Experts in charge of waste administration in the nation must give territories to discard waste so that waste is not spilt all around. Businesses ought to be set up to reuse waste materials.

  • Appropriate utilization of chemicals on farms 

Water pollution can be controlled if agriculturists are made to apply agro-synthetic concoctions legitimately on their farms through state-provided instructions. This will reduce the spillage of such synthetic compounds into waterways, lakes, tidal ponds and streams when rain falls. Farmers ought to be warned not to wash the compartments of the synthetics into water bodies.

  • Cleaning of Drains 

To avoid water pollution, the drains are required to be cleaned all the time. In the provincial territories, pucca channels are required to be made, on the grounds that the water is going wherever in a proper way and not just reaching the rives and seas straightaway without being properly treated. We ought to build up an innovation to repel the channels from the water sources.

The inclusion of cleaning water bodies in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Here is the need to actually implement the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in totality and make India open defecation free. By and by, the issue of open poo and the dumping of rubbish out in the open places still exist. When it rains, all the earth, trash and excreta get into streams or lakes, dirtying water sources. Generally, individuals themselves stream squander materials into waterways or lakes without legitimate seepage framework. Lakes and streams are additionally utilized for showering and washing purposes because of which gigantic amount of soil and contaminations get gathered into the water bodies. Additionally, because of these exercises, trash, excreta, fiery remains of the dead old garments and ruined materials are released into waterways and even at times, dead bodies are likewise tossed into the streams and water bodies. There are for all intents and purposes no toilets in the ghetto settlements situated close city-residences, or regardless of whether there is one, it can’t work easily. This calls for rehearsing great cleanliness in the genuine soul of Swachh Bharat.

Everyday Steps for all to Curb Water Pollution:

  1. Keep your vehicle all around kept up and promptly benefit it on the off chance that you see any oil spilling from the vehicle.
  2. Buy ecologically friendly cleaning items that don’t hurt the land in the event they happen to be flushed or purged into a water body.
  3. Moderate your water use and don’t leave the water running when you are not utilizing it.
  4. Use, reuse and recycle everything you can. Plastics and papers might be sent to the reusing canister while a portion of your glass materials might have the capacity to be reused or re-purposed so that they don’t pollute the water.
  5. Ensure non-recyclable waste is contained legitimately with the goal that it doesn’t spill into the land or road and contaminate it.


Water has played a pretty much noticeable role is the sustenance of life on the earth. Present-day practices have regularly disregarded the old practices of saving water leading to undesired results in the form of increasing water pollution.

In any case, in the present social orders, we frequently observe a recovery of old conventions and a more normal and manageable utilization of water. Finding the correct blend among ‘old’ and ‘present day’ rehearses finds practical answers for adapt to environmental change.

Water pollution has turned into a consistent expanding issue on the earth which is influencing human and creature lives in all viewpoints. Water contamination is tainting the drinking water by the harmful toxins produced by the human exercises. The entire water is getting dirtied through numerous sources, for example, urban spill over, rural, mechanical, sedimentary, syphoning from landfills, creature squanders, and other human exercises. Each one of the toxins is exceptionally destructive to nature. Human populace is expanding step by step and in this way their requirements and rivalry driving contamination to the best dimension. We have to pursue some extreme changes in our propensities to spare the water on earth and also proceed with the likelihood of life here. Or else, the day is not far off when life would not be able to survive on earth to the enormous levels of water pollution.