Making Computer Science Green

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There is now a complete design bundle of online courses that teach you web design. This bundle covers the many forms of web design, from JavaScript to Photoshop. This course is over 80 hours of lessons. This $39 bundle will help you build your skills in both specific design programs and principles that make creative works stand out. Several of these courses focus on JavaScript as a fundamental of web design and as a tool for making interactive visual spaces. This bundle gives you lifetime access to its materials, so you can stream any time of day.

All of the courses teach the basics. Then you actually try the more advanced techniques.
This article relates to what we have talked about in class because we do exactly the same thing that the course is teaching you. We learn the basics, then actually learn how to do it. I think that this bundle can be very useful and teach people web design. I like that they teach not just the nerdy stuff but also photoshop.

Some people don’t know how to and might want to. More people are interested in photos.

Computer science researchers have found a way to make video game characters move more realistically in their environment. After the transition to 3D games, animating became more complicated. Now that games have gotten complex with a big world to explore and interact with, animating in-game characters required hundreds or thousands of different movements. One way to speed up the animation process is to use motion capture to digitalize the movements of actors into corresponding character animations.

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This makes the in-game movements more realistic, but it is impossible to capture every way a character will interact with the environment. “Achieving this in production-ready quality is not easy and very time consuming” says PhD student and senior author of the paper Sebastian Starke. The researchers plan to continue to work on other related scenarios such as naturally moving a character through a crowd or performing actions simultaneously. The team will be presenting the current research at the ACM transactions
on Graphics/Siggraph Asia, held in Brisbane Australia, November 17-20.\nThis article relates to what we have talked about in class because we are currently semi animating(I don’t know what else to call it) and this talks about animating but making it realistic. I really do not know how to feel about this. I know that video games are not good for us and are pulling us away from reality. I don’t think making the games more
realistic is going to help us better our social skills and just make us crazier.

A computer technology teacher, Robert Theriault applied for a grant to “ make computer science green” on behalf of CAD students using the printers, particularly Rogelio Lemus.”When we are 3D printing, there is a lot of waste,” Lemus said. “In our testing so far, we are able to recycle some of it.” Lemus, who is a senior plans on entering the STEM field after graduation. He has two 3D printers at home, and this year he is devoting an independent study class to learn how to recycle the excess materials they produce. He has already taken all of the CAD classes his school has to offer. In the back of the Cad classroom, there is a box of odd plastic shapes that are waiting to be reprocessed. “We figure this will eventually pay for itself, and divert waste from the landfill.” Theriault said. This coming year the Hermiston Education foundation will be offering scholarships to faculty to aid with certification updates.
I like that there are young people including myself that actually care about our environment. I think that if you are using a 3D printer then you should definitely have a way of recycling.This relates to what we talk about in class because our entire class is cs and they are using cs to recycle.

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