Many Explanations For Anthropogenic Change

Skeptics of manmade climate change offer many explanations that seem to persuade and valid, but according to the infographic from Bloomberg Businessweek News, greenhouse gases are the real factor in the temperature increase of our earth. The article What’s Really Warming the World was published on June 24, 2015 by two Bloomberg reporters Roston and Migliozzi, who provide facts from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. It is shown on their infographic that most all other factors, manmade or natural, do not significantly impact the temperature rise.

All but one, greenhouse gases. Which mainly come from gas emissions that later trap heat radiating from earth toward space in the atmosphere. Ultimately greenhouse gases are the real reason for the 1.4 degree increase of the earth.

The most obvious observation from this infographic is that all other factors, natural or man made, don’t even come close to raising the temperature of earth as much as greenhouse gases do. Factors such as orbital changes, land use/destruction, solar, volcanic, ozone and aerosols have all been constantly and slightly increasing and decreasing.

Overall influencers such as these have not made a significant impact on the temperature of earth. It is also clear that greenhouse gases have been on a constant increase since the 1920’s when the “The Big Three” automotive manufacturers Ford, GM and Chrysler became household names.

After looking deeper into a few details in this infographic it is also clear that there is some misleading or confusing information. For instance there is a “Observed” line that is increasing throughout the whole graph along with a “All Factors” line that also increases throughout the whole graph.

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Which is confusing because it makes the reader think, why put an “Observed” line and not a specification of what is observed or what is not observed? Also why put a “All Factors” and “Observed” line next to each other? Aren’t all these factors observed and if not, where and what are the unobserved factors?

After looking at this infographic the main question the reader would ask is, why is an increase of 1.4 degrees in the earth’s temperature such a big deal? According to Bob Silberg from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, even a tiny rise in temperature of the earth is a big deal. Something as little as 1.5 temperature increase would cause symptoms like long heat wave duration, rise in sea level and intensity in rainstorms. Not to mention a great impact on basic crops which then affects human lives as well. Also things like tropical coral reefs would be wiped out, oceanic environments would be affected and the Mediterranean Sea would have an increase in freshwater which would affect those environments negatively. Though some believe the rise in our earth’s temperature is a natural and nonsignificant event, the facts stated by Bloomberg Businessweek News show otherwise. The real cause is man made greenhouse gases that will eventually hurt not only the environment but the human species as well.

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Many Explanations For Anthropogenic Change
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