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You may want to move to Mexico City because of the natural resource. Mexico produces silver more than any other nations in the world. Also, Mexico is one of the top producers of oil in the world. The oil is drilled from wells under the Gulf of Mexico, along the Gulf coast, high elevation in the south. Mexico also has natural gas in some of the areas that produce oil. Mexico has yet to fully use this resource. Because of themountains, poor soils, and dry climates, only about one-fifth of Mexico’s land can be used for farming.

Less than that is actually farmed major crops, corn, wheat, beans, sugar, cane, and many fruits and vegetable. For several centuries, relatively few people owned a large amount of land in Mexico. The majority of people worked the land for these privileged few. In the 1900s, the government passed laws to break up these large estates and give land to the poor. Now though, many families have such small holdings that they can only grow enough to feed their families.

You may want to move to Mexico City because of a job opportunity, environment, culture, natural resource, education, and the weather. But the natural resources can affect Mexican people where they live/and how they live. Like some poor farmers in the south cut down and burn trees to open new land farming. Because of the heavy rains there it washes the nutrients out of the soil the lands there can only produce crops for only a few years.

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Then the farmers move on and cut down trees in a new area. Harvesting of these trees also contributes to the rapid destruction of Mexico’s forest. Some farmers need to irrigate or bring water to the land, in drier areas. Because of irrigation and overgrazing, some of Mexico’s fragile land is becoming deserts. Also, air pollution is also a serious problem in Mexico City, where clouds of unhealthy air can hang above the cities for days. The natural resources of Mexico have affected where people choose to settle and how they choose to live and work.

The population of Mexico grow and slowed in recent years but Mexico’s population is still growing faster than the world average. About one-sixth of the nation’s electricity comes from hydroelectric power, or power generated by water running through channels in dams. These dams have been built along fast-running rivers on the edges of the central plateau and in high southern elevations. Much of Mexico’s energy industry is along the Gulf coast, where the oil is located. Refineries near Veracruz and in northeastern Mexico turn the oil into various products. In the past, manufacturing plants were clustered in Mexico City. The government has tried to reduce crowding by encouraging more manufacturing in the north. So those are some reason why I think natural resources can affect where people live and how they live.

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