Mexico's Big Problems

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In Mexico, there are three big issues which are crime, pollution, and climate. These may be the causes of migration. Most of the countries that are facing these big challenges that millions of people are living in poverty are Indonesia, India, China, Brazil, and Mexico. It is a problem for the sustainable economy in Mexico. The policies of sustainability in Mexico are causing people to have problems.

The crime problem in Mexico is a large problem that causes people to migrate for a better life.

In 2008, there were more than 3000 people had been killed by kidnapped and anmurdereder in Mexico. In 2010, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill makes a large scale of water pollution. This oil spill disaster was caused by the Deepwater Horizon most Fish, birds, marine life, and even plants are affected by the oil spill which cause the icon totoo decrease in Mexico. The climate in Mexico is causing families to leave their homes and live on the streets.

These are the main problems that cause immigrants to migrate to America for a bettelifeve, however, are met by racism and discrimination instead.

Racism is “that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” (Merriam-Webster online dictionary). Today people everywhere in the world, feel the need to blame foreigners for their misfortunes and their country’s hardships. One of the most common things that are said about immigrants is that they take away citizens’ jobs and abuse the goodness of the welfare system.

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Blocking immigrants makes them feel unwelcome and makes it harder for them to get along in our society. They may feel discriminated against which will make them more likely to associate with people of their background. Citizens act badly toward immigrants because they are bringing the mess into our society. It will irritate why the immigrant is ‘here in the firplacece’ and then complain against immigrants because they are seen as crowding and benefiting from the nation without contributing to it.

Secondly, the nation needs to feel unity interevent a decline in its culture and values. People believe that the unit has to be protected at all costs and that blocking ‘others’ ethnic groups out is a protective measure of one’s identity and beliefs against foreign flows of influence.

Today racist images and comments can also be seen on social media. Though there are some regulations to ban racist comments. One of the most popular social networking sites is ‘Facebook’. It has millions of people worldwide who can all interact with each other regardless of distance. In its terms of the agreement, it does not state that racist comments or pictures should be prohibited and will be banned from its site. Now people do not have to be in the same place, and not even on the same continent to be victims of racism.

The victims of racism and discrimination are still of the same ethnic groups. Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians have to face resentment and hostility from the ‘superior’ white group. People in our society should learn about other nations or be made aware of the beauty of other cultures. The increase in insecurities makes people uneasy and more likely to blame immigrants for their situations and can therefore lead to outbursts. In the end, to end racism, people have to learn to accept one another by learning anom each other.

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Mexico's Big Problems
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