Modern Society and Global Warming

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Climate change is happening due to the increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and Sulphur hexafluoride.Scientific papers reveal that there are 467 ways in which human health, food, water,economy,infrastructure and security have been impacted by the climate crisis. This includes warming of the earth, droughts that are more severe, frequent and that last longer,heatwaves,wildfires,precipitation,floods, sea level rise and changes in land cover and ocean chemistry.


The burning of fossil fuels,such as coal and oil that emit greenhouse gases into the air,mostly carbon dieoxide.Other human activities also contribute to the making of greenhouse gases such as deforestation. As the earth heats up,mosquitoes will exit their current habitats and spread diseases such as Malaria,Dengue,Chikungunya and West Nile Virus. As more of the greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere,crops may have fewer nutrients like iron and zinc.

Rising sea levels are caused by glacier ice on Greenland and on the arctic.

The increasing levels of greenhouse gases make the world warmer but even warmer so in the poles.Glaciers arerapidly melting and 95% of the oldest thickest ice has already melted in the arctic. 2019 more than 1.4m students across 100 countries walked out of school to protest that the government was not doing anything about climate change.people called this the ‘greta’ effect.

A now 17 year old girl named Greta Thunberg, is a fighting climate activist and is leaders’ to take the matter into their hands and band the burning of fossil fuels.

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Every Friday, she does not go to school. Now,because of Greta’s small actions of sitting outside the parliament in Sweden and protesting for the awareness of climate change to her how dare you speech when see said that the government” you have stolen my dreams and my childhood and yet I am the lucky one. You come to us young people for hope.”,now over 4m people are protesting for the climate crisis.The question now is how can the younger generation get their voices heard to make a difference in the world towards climate change?


Conserve energy in everyday life. Convince the people around you that the climate crisis will not only affect us but the whole world ahead of us.

  • 69%use social media and other creative cultures
  • 53%talk to others to get their voices heard
  • 30% form community groups
  • 9%send letters to politicians or media
  • 5%protest or rally
  • 5% use petitions



  • we can switch off the lights when we are not using them
  • we can use less plastic
  • control the temperature of your house
  • Tame the refrigerator monster
  • Be a minimalist

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