Most People Who Abuse Animals

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Most people focus on what is going on in their own lives or in other people’s lives if they know them well. What about what animals go through in their daily lives? Animals see humans as powerful giants that rule over them. Some people, once in a while, give what one thinks is a light push with our foot, but to the animals, is a strong kick. The cases get worse and worse as people get more used to controlling house pets, such as cats and dogs, and simply all domestic animals.

Animal cruelty surrounds a large range of behaviors harmful to animals, from neglect to malicious killing. It is wrong to inflict suffering on any living creature. Most people who abuse animals have psychological distress and abusing animals is a way of dealing with the distress. Stray animals are usually born on the street even though they are domestic animals. Several stray animals are in danger of death because of humans who are cruel to them and because of cars.

Animal abuse and stray animals mainly affect animals. Simple, human entertainment is considered an animals’ worst nightmare. Zoos and circuses are symbols of animal slavery. Humans enslave the animals, forcing them to live in cages, so basically, slavery has never ended. Animals in zoos who prefer to be alone, may be put with several different animals, and vice versa. Some animals are placed right next to their predator and that would be horrifying for the prey. Usually circuses are on the move, so animals are kept in small, tight, enclosed cages for several hours and maybe even days.

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Practicing routines for a circus can be abusive to the animals. Trainers may yell, hit, or even starve the animals until they get a routine correct. The natural behaviors of the animals soon disappear, for they learn to be more human like, and not to embrace their wild nature.

Cosmetic testing is very harmful to animals. Most animals (usually rabbits), are placed in secure head locks, so they cannot move their heads. The only thing the rabbits can do is close their eyes, and wait for the testing to be over. Make-up can cause irritation to the eyes, and which many of the irritations lead to eye infections because no one took the time to treat the animals. What is worse is that people inject them with viruses, alter their DNA, impregnate them and kill the pregnant mother so we can study their fetuses, force them to inhale toxic gases, bury them alive, electrically shock them, block and clog their glands, and much more.

Stray animals are not wild animals, they are animals who have been abandoned by their owners and left on the streets. Stray animals are constantly getting hit by cars, pushed around by people, and being sent to kill-shelters where they get killed because no one wants to take care of them.

Animals are not the only ones who are affected by animal abuse, humans are too. When someone abuses an animal, they can be fined up to $10,000 and be imprisoned for 10 years. In some states, abusers could even get a death sentence. Most people who have a record of abusing an animal are forbidden to buy, adopt, or take care of any animal in the future. Stray animals also affect people. There are several states and countries who have a record of overpopulated stray animals. More stray animals means more animals getting hit by cars, more food and homes needed for the animals, more shelters, and more cases of animal neglect. Animals gettng hit by cars can cause a car accident prior the animal gets hit. The car could try to stop and a car behind the first car could bump into the first car, creating an accident.

Animal abuse has a very large range from simple neglect to brutal killing. It is not right and is against the law to harm an animal for pleasure, and just in general. Animal abuse and stray animals affect the lives of both animals and humans. Some animals get hurt and killed, while some people pay the price and go to prison for years, get fined, or even get sentenced to death themselves.

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