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External marketing environment including social and culture environment, political environment, natural environment, technological environment, economics environment and demographic environment. Key challenges and opportunities of FedEx would be delivered after the analysis.Turkey located in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia, combined modern, western-style and secular nation-state, Atatürk disestablished Islam as the state religion, adopted Western legal codes, and established a compulsory secular educational system.

The gendarmerie maintains security outside municipal boundaries and guards land borders against illegal entry and smuggling.

Recruits are supplied through military conscription. Gendarmes have been subject to the same criticisms as the national police. Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, the incidence of ordinary crime is low. Turkey is dependent on imported oil and natural gas, but it is establishing energy relations with a wider range of international partners and is taking measures to increase the use of domestic energy, including renewable energy, nuclear energy and coal. The Turkey-Azerbaijan Transatlantic Natural Gas Joint Pipeline is moving forward to increase natural gas transportation to Turkey and the European Caspian Sea.

Upon completion, it will help diversify Turkey ’s imported natural gas sources.\nIt is expected that scientific and technological progress will follow the goals provided by economic policies and competition strategies and upgrade gradually. In this regard, the most basic are the necessary infrastructure for building an information society, and more attention to strategic technologies such as information and communication technologies; nanotechnology; biotechnology and genetics; energy and environmental technology; ; Mechatronics; design technology; and production technology.

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Turkey ’s main free market economy is increasingly driven by its industry and services, although its traditional agriculture still accounts for 25% of the employment. In Turkey's export portfolio, the automotive, petrochemical and electronics industries are becoming increasingly important and surpass the traditional textile and clothing industries. The real GDP growth rate is 7.4% in 2017.\nPeople in Turkey had high education level and literacy as they are expected to have 18 years school life. There are 43.31% of people in the 25-54 age group with a 1.03 sex ratio in Turkey. Its income level per capita are rising, classifies as an upper-middle income country by The World Bank, 54.9%, 26.6% and 18.4% labour force work in services, industry and agriculture occupations.

People in Turkey are living in multi-cultural and believe in Islam, smuggling prevention and low criminalizes political circumstances create a stable business environment. Attracting investment and future business development and bringing business opportunities.Turkey trade natural resources with other country and technology progress is optimistic too. FedEx does not worry about the resources and technology support issue. Trade has played an increasingly important role in the economy and strengthened the importance of the transportation industry. Especially the GPD improvement may enhance the average standard of living of the citizens, making people more considerate on the luxury products and services. So there is no obvious challenge shown.\nIn demographic environment, medium age, equal sex distribution, high education, growing income level and tertiary industry development in Turkey brought up the balance between Turkey and other countries and create opportunities to FedEx.

To respond the opportunities of FedEx, the stable politic, good technological prospect, economic growth and increased standard of living in Turkey is bringing the opportunities of FedEx being chose. Especially the raging COVID-19 disease, the global shipping of masks and hygiene products is particularly important. As of May 5, the number of confirmed cases of Turkey local new coronavirus increased to 129,491 cases, making it the most severely affected Middle Eastern country. Reflects Turkey's high demand for epidemic prevention and medical supplies.\nMoreover, company background, marketing strategies and marketing mix of FedEx in Turkey would be carried out below. \nFedEx rank 47 in fortune 500, leading mail, package and freight delivery industry in transportation sector. FedEx was founded as Federal Express Corporation in 1971 which is express distribution inventor, providing high-speed, trustworthy and time-definite delivery to more than 220 countries and territories, connecting markets that incorporate more than 90% of the world’s GDP within one to three business days. Logistics management is the core competency of FedEx, providing unparalleled aviation authorities and transportation infrastructure and coupled with leading-edge information technologies, providing fast and reliable services for more than 3.6 million shipments each business day, making FedEx Express the world’s largest express transportation company and fight into fortune 500.

FedEx uses demographic and psychographic segmentation strategies to divide the market into customers groups with similar needs and wants. Since FedEx serve customers from different market segments, it uses differentiated targeting strategies. Price-based positioning strategies are used to target specific customer groups with its valuable services.Distribution channel of FedEx included in Appendix I, providing standardization logistic services across markets worldwide, not only in Turkey. FedEx is having mission statement and tagline also. 4Ps consisting products and services, price, place and promotion of FedEx in Turkey would mention below. FedEx Express has the largest fleet of civil aviation at its disposal to provide prompt services, offering post delivery services. For customers’ convenience, home delivery facilities and third-party logistics are provided also.

Different departments including FedEx Supply Chain Services, FedEx office centers, FedEx print centers, FedEx Corporate services and FedEx Ship Centers are opened to customers, there is a trade network that providing insurance and custom services too. Various centers for customer care have been opened with Toll Free number to help the customers.People could track their shipped parcels and get transit time by tracking ID on the official FedEx website, connecting with the deliver status. From the official website, people could also search the FedEx brunches where could get shipping label, drop labeled package at staffed location, get packing services, 24 hour services, packing supplies, dangerous goods shipping, copy and print services, drop box shipping FedEx has adopted a premium pricing policy for the quality services rendered. Since Fedex enjoys economies of scale, the company remains substantially unchanged freight while shipping has shown incredible growth. The reasonable additional cost of providing the facilities to pick up the product is also offered, making delivery easier. Prices vary depend on the type of services provided or chosen that up to the convenience of customers, they are having a variety of price packages. Besides, people could use the FedEx Shipping Calculator on its website for estimated shipping costs based on details, such as shipment origin, destination, date, packaging, and weigh. (Appendix II)

Not only Turkey, FedEx serve all round the clock services worldwide, an international logistic company should be flexible in places like Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America. \nIt also provides internet facilities for any bookings. It has an organized distribution channel. In the first stage, purchase packaging or products from customers. The next step is to provide appropriate product distribution channels based on prices consumers can afford. Eventually, the product will be effectively delivered to all parties within the prescribed time limit.\nIts distribution and delivery system record from the moment the parcel or package leaves the house or business location, its distribution and delivery system will record it, and you can track it until delivery to the end. This is what FedEx promises and delivers.\n

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