Oil Has Had A Huge Impact On The World

Since the 1950’s, its given us a energy source to power industry, heat homes, and provides fuel for our vehicles and airplanes. It has also become more and more expensive as more oil is reduced because it is a nonrenewable source and more imports from other countries have increased. That’s where many believe that clean energy is the best way to go. Why should we turn to clean energy resources? Many simply look at the future and know that a nonrenewable resource will not work, but investing in the clean energy resources such as electric cars, wind turbines, and solar panels will preserve the future.

Clean energy power will bring an end to oil and gas, it’s not a matter of what if but when.

Brad Plummer, a writer from New York Times, mentions that as the world puts hundreds of millions of new cars on the road are using less oil to fuel them, and also that there are reports that project global oil use for cars will peak in 2020 as countries release more electric cars and hybrids.

This means that vehicles that use oil as fuel will decrease later in the years and hybrids and electric cars will increase. Tesla is one of the many car companies selling electric cars and is making it more affordable by increasing their units for the model 3 and selling each for $35,000 a reasonable price. Brad Plummer also states in his article ¨The Wheel on These Buses Go Round and Round with Zero Emissions¨ that 16 electric school buses were purchased over the past year in the school district of Twin Rivers Unified, in north Sacramento, California.

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¨Electricity production is our number one source of greenhouse gases, more than all of our driving and flying combined,¨ states BuyCleanEnergy (company).

That’s where solar power can help out with reducing greenhouse gases because even one house installing solar panels can positively make a change. This can also reduce how much greenhouse gases are burned each year. If the gases are continuously burned then it creates a higher demand for more to be created and burned which would lead to more negative outcomes. An article called ¨Clean Energy is Surging but Not Fast Enough to Solve Global Warming,¨ it emphasizes that the normal price for solar panels have decreased over the years (65%) as well as the cost for paying onshore wind(15%) . The article also mentions that with technology advancing and the government scaling back on subsides, solar plants are out competing coal plants everywhere. Renewable power supply today is less than 10% of the world’s electricity source and according to the article it is projected to supply 40% in 2040. This is beneficial because this will reduce our dependence fuels, it generates energy without creating greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces air pollution.

Some many argue that solar and wind power isn’t reliable and oil is a much preferable route. Many people claim that oil is more reliable because of the following; it can be stored where as the sun and wind can’t, it’s more reliable because sometimes we don’t have much sun or wind, and it’s also cheaper to rely on oil as a energy source because the process of making energy from solar and wind power is very expensive. It is important to ask ourselves what is going to work for us in the future. Yes, oil is cheaper than solar and wind power but think about the benefits. One who lives cheap off of junk food, will most likely die sooner than one who buys expensive healthy food. It’s the same thing that goes for what energy source we use, we’re relying on non-renewable energy that damages our planet. Brad Plummer warns us about global carbon dioxide emissions rising every year, just this year alone it increased by 1.6 %

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Oil Has Had A Huge Impact On The World
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