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Overture Home Automation is automation of home, household or housework activity. It integrates software and electrical devices with each other in a home. It can centralize control of lighting, appliances, security lock of doors, gates to provide improved convenience, safety, and human comfort.

The popularity of home automation has been greatly increasing from recent years due to considerable affordability and simplicity, through smart phone and tablet connectivity. Home Automation allows you to control wall switches, blinds, and lamps, but how intuitive is a lighting control system.

It turns out, quite; its capabilities are extensive.

You’re able to schedule the times lights should turn on and off, decide which specific rooms should be illuminated at certain times, select the level of light which should be emitted, and choose how particular lights react through motion sensitivity, as seen with Belkin’s We Mo Switch + Motion, which is both affordable and easy to use with its plug-and-play simplicity.

Historical Background Initially previous days our electric home appliance we are manually control.

But man faced difficulties while using these traditional methods. After that, Our modern science we do control our home appliance some device .Technology has made a significant development in automation field with control and energy saving system using some device or network. Few research works related to this field are given below.

Objective of this Work This project concerns implementation of IOT Based Power management system of a smart home with help of electricity energy saving system and automatic loads control with switching system.

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Primary Objectives Main purpose of this project electricity bill reduce and energy saving system. Most important and more attractive part of this project is to automatic loads control.  Every loads are control depend on pick hour and off pick hour because saving our electricity bill. Pick hour electricity bill calculate per unit cost 8/10 taka and off pick hour electricity bill calculate per unit cost 5/6 taka.

Secondary Objectives The soil sensors will be used in this project to detect the water level of the tank. Many sensor used in this project .Temperature sensor used to sense will give temperature and shown in the LCD display. Humidity sensor used to sense will give humidity and shown in the LCD display. LDR sensor used to automatic day,Night light control and monitoring by IOT plate from consume unite constantly shown in the live/Seen our mobile phone. Motion sensor used in this project because the man will be across the stairs step to step than automatic light will be on and off.

Comparison with Traditional Method

Advantages: Energy Savings IOT Based power management system of a smart home have definitely proven themselves in the arena of energy efficiency. Automated thermostats allow you to pre-program temperatures based on the time of day and the day of the week. And some even adjust to your behaviors, learning and adapting to your temperature preferences without your ever inputting a pre-selected schedule.

Traditional or behavior-based automation can also be applied to virtually every gadget that can be remotely controlled – from sprinkler systems to coffee makers. Actual energy savings ultimately depend on the type of device you select and its automation capabilities.  Security Remote monitoring can put your mind at ease while you’re away from the house. With remote dashboards, lights or lamps can be turned on and off, and automated.

Disadvantages: Installation Depending on the complexity of the system, installing a home automation device can be a significant burden on the homeowner. It can either cost you money if you hire an outside contractor or cost you time if you venture to do it yourself.

Problem Statement The main purpose of this project “automatic day night switching with timer” is to minimize the cost & loss of electricity and also man power to manually on- off the day night light.

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Overture Home Automation System
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