Paper About Two Research Related To Climate Change And Greenhouse Gases

The Research Journal Of Agricultural Science titled, “Impact of Climate On Wheat-Pathogen Interaction Concerning about Food Insecurity” describes the effects of climate change on the security of our food and the host pathogen interactions that may occur due to climate change. This in depth scholarly journal explains how different greenhouse gases are negatively affecting the environment by attacking our agriculture globally, including anything grown as a source for food. Pathogen life cycles are greatly affected by climate changes. This journal presents information proposing solutions to food security globally.

In addition, it explains that water sources are essential for production of crops, and climate changes are happening at a faster pace, therefore creating these food insecurities. It researches the agricultural variable effects in different areas around the world and the concern for population increases to ten billion by 2050. This source speaks on possible ways we can control these pathogen interactions as we work together globally toward a solution.

The talented authors from this journal use many references from relevant and verified scholars with multiple sources and bibliographies cited, that point to other relevant sources of information.

Compared to the popular sources, this scholarly source is text heavy and has factual data and research supported by scientific facts. The authors were professional presenting the research analyzed in this journal, written by experts in academic or professional fields. The authors do not use emotional appeals throughout this journal. The information they provide is presented in a logical and professional manner and up to date.

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This journal will be a significant source for my paper, as I will use the research and data on climate change and agricultural changes, and saving crop production and pathogens, to show the possibilities of change we can make in our food security worldwide.

The journal article entitled, “Climate Change Demands We Change. Why Aren’t We?”, written by Robert Mendelsohn, discusses the dangers that occur from the constant use of greenhouse gas emissions and the importance of solutions that can slow down, and possibly balance, the rise in temperature of our climate over the next few decades.

The author shares plans from economists to mitigate emissions, and explains how each country would be responsible for the part they play in their usage of gas emissions. Economists share the roadblocks that stand in the way of preventing effective mitigation of greenhouse gases from proceeding. Mendelsohn makes it clear that controlling emissions is shared, not only by those in a specific nation, but across all nations affecting all people. Mendelsohn explains how some countries that incur higher mitigation costs want to keep their contributions to this budget very low, which can result in the possibility of not meeting goals on time to the desired temperature for our climate to prevent horrific consequences and slow down climate changes caused by gas emissions.

An experienced journalist, Mendolsohn provides supportive research and evidence to his findings on mitigating emissions worldwide. This scholarly source is text heavy and uses experts from many fields that were brought together in this volume of the research journal . Mendolsohn took much of his information from the proceedings of The Social Research conference at the New School. There are other works cited throughout this article and additional reports used from legitimate sources. The author does not use emotional appeal in his tone. This in depth look into an efficient mitigation program as a solution to the alarming demands from climate change, will allow my paper to show what exactly needs to be done by society as a whole in order to combat this high priority issue.

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Paper About Two Research Related To Climate Change And Greenhouse Gases
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