Peace, Security and International Policy

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There is a serious decline in ecological sensitivities, which is seen to be the pioneer of Europe so far. As the crisis transcends the US and Europe and reaches other economies, international capital produces policies targeting crisis management, just like any crisis, and is struggling to reshape the world states order with the growth and development models that are unsustainable. Multinational capital groups and executives also avoid taking steps to stop the climate change and ecological crisis that threaten the whole world.

While the global carbon emission is at its peak, United Nations is still escaping from taking big steps.
In a world where trillions of dollars and political wills are mobilized to save the banks and large international companies, the indifference exhibited in people's basic needs and the sustainability of the earth strengthens the world-wide anger against ruling elites and capital groups. This anger emerges as street protests and rising social struggles.
While the riots upset the status quo in the region, the protests and strikes in some countries, in the second year of the riots indicate that nothing will be the same in the Middle East anymore.

The repetition of the military intervention against Libya and Syria, as well as the possibility of the tension escalated against Iran, into war, brings the risk of turning the Middle East into a fire, which has become even more unstable as a result of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Supporting the struggles for fair, peaceful and pluralist democracies based on gender equality and the rights of labor in this geography where different peoples, religions, beliefs and cultures live is as important as opposing military interventions and war in the Middle East.

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Because of the upcoming opportunistic and expansionist policies in the Middle East in a way that has led to a major confrontation with Syrian refugees in Turkey migration. The Syrian refugee crisis has become a serious problem due to the humanitarian dramas it created. This sectarian, confrontational, biased and adventurous foreign policy brought government together with many radical groups in the Middle East and damaged our international reputation. This war environment created contributes more to climate change and ecological crisis. Climate refugee is also added to economic refugees.
The reproduction of authoritarian, militarist and securityist approaches pushes the most fundamental social problems into unsolvable channels and creates new bottlenecks. It is very important to stop using disproportionate force to ensure peace and security in the society. The main conclusion to be drawn from the demands for change, the rising social opposition and the crises experienced worldwide is the need for a line that will express a democratic, ecologist, egalitarian and libertarian change in the coming period.

Our Steps:

  • Believing in the importance of global solidarity and internationalism in the face of global problems; a policy that shows that capitalism is not a destiny, but a struggle that can be overcome with the power, will and struggle of people.
  • Turkey's international reputation is not to become a regional military power, it should be based on a focus of peace and democracy. Within this framework, a sensitive foreign policy on human rights, democracy and ecology should be maintained, without being part of any regional guardian or patronage project. An active, constructive and multidimensional foreign policy and regional cooperation initiatives should be implemented.
  • Turkey's nationalist social life, authoritarian, bureaucratic interventionist forces would deliver on everything, but into his own trap; When opening out, they have options other than being culturally conservative and economically doomed to neo-liberal forces.
  • Turkey to ensure the cohesion of societies with different cultures, aimed at overcoming the international problems by peaceful means and dialogue, it should pursue a policy based on the fair use of world resources.
  • Undoubtedly, the European Union has an elitist and capital-dominant character, economically and socially governed by liberals and technocrats. However, a libertarian, egalitarian and ecological political movement must be involved in the struggle for Europe to evolve into a social and ecological Europe dominated by solidarity, to the Europe of green ideals and labor, and to develop international cooperation with those who continue these struggles.
  • Turkey, mutual cooperation relations with the Middle East countries and should develop within the framework of peaceful friendship policies, becoming a tool of the imperial policy of aggressive and hostile policy towards its neighbors, sectarian of understanding should avoid intrusive and penetration enhancers attitudes.
  • Turkey should be a peacekeeping force. Therefore, it is necessary to fight against all military bases and multinational military agreements in their territory.
  • Nationalist, racist and discriminatory measures should be quickly removed from laws, decrees and regulations. Turkey embracing the ideology of the security state of society is essential to be disabled.
  • The National Security Council should be abolished, and the General Staff should be linked to the Ministry of National Defense. Any task related to the internal security of the army should be prevented by legal and administrative regulations. In performing military service, moral and conscientious norms should be observed and legal status should be gained in \'conscientious objection\'.
  • Necessary measures should be taken to ensure social participation in the audit by strengthening the parliamentary control of non-governmental organizations..
  • Limit military spending and use these resources for an active education, science, health, culture and arts policy.
  • The main goal is to provide the conditions for individuals to coexist with free ethnic, religious and sexual groups in peace and solidarity. Majorities can never be happy in a country where minorities are unhappy. Recognition of minority identities is essential for establishing the conditions for living together on the basis of equal citizenship and ensuring social peace.
  • One of the most important points for sustainable society and peace is the exterminating weapons of mass destruction. Generally, abandoning armament is our ultimate goal.
  • Protecting the rights of refugee and migrant workers is important for ensuring an environment of equality and peace.

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