Pearce and Doh Approach

The Pearce and Doh approach focus on companies Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which fulfill their responsibilities and duties towards society and community. The executives and top management highly prioritize the CSR initiatives because of the company’s own interest, philanthropy, competitive, and political advantage. The Pearce and Doh approach portray on the fair balance between “low engagement” solutions which focuses on the less participation and more focus on core competencies of organization and “high engagement” solutions which focuses on high participation of CSR activities which risks company’s investment and core competencies.

Most of the corporations want to accomplish maximum social benefit by using a limited amount of investments and capital to fulfill their social responsibility and also acquire it as a competitive advantage. The Pearce and Doh Approach is defined on five effective principles of Collaborative Social Initiatives.

They are: Identify a stable issue that is durable and the company can it address for a long time, Leveraging core competencies and contributing the most of it making exclusive contributions with huge undertaking, Balancing Government influence and minimize interference, Accumulate and value total accomplishment of benefits.

McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Subway also adopted Pierce and Doh approach in CSR initiatives according to their respective company policies. McDonald’s has started to focus on climate action and addressed the global climate change in March 2018 and contributing remarkably to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Company website, McDonald’s has committed to collaborating with franchisees, suppliers, and producers to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 36% and will also do 31% reduction in emissions intensity by 2030 which has been started by the year 2015.

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Recently, in June 2018 Pizza hut committed to serving chicken raised free of antibiotics which is important to human medicine by the year 2022. Pizza hut also committed to eliminating BHA/BHT from all meats by summer 2016 and artificial preservatives from cheese in 2017. (“Hut Life- Official Pizza Hut Blog, n.d.) Subway UK voluntarily committed Wrap’s Courtauld commitment in the UK that by 2025 they will make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable. By 2025 through reducing 20 percent food and drink waste and greenhouse gas intensity of food and drink consumed in the UK, and using water in the supply chain for a reduced impact will fulfill this commitment. These CSR initiatives taken by the organizations fit with their respective organizations and also in the future can become a competitive advantage for the organizations.(“Our CSR initiatives”, n.d.)

Corporate Social Responsibility Actions: McDonald’s has introduced a sustainability framework for 2020 which includes sustainable beef production in which they will only purchase a portion of beef from verified sustainable resources in 2016. There is no other company in the food industry who worked in the sustainable beef issue like McDonald’s. They are also working in serving natural fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy, coffee, palm oil, fish and whole grains in its top markets. They have started minimizing waste management and recycling to 50 percent in their top markets. They have also started doing energy efficiency by 20 percent in their restaurants. They have also focused on fiber-based packaging from their recycled sources. McDonald’s has taken all of the necessary steps in all areas to fulfill their CSR commitment and no other fast food company has gone widely like them to fulfill their CSR responsibilities. . (“Fuzz Productions & Singlebrook”, n.d.)

Pizza Hut U.S. has focused on environmental sustainability in their restaurants by focusing on environmental footprint. The environmental footprint of Pizza Hut is to reduce energy consumption and use sustainable quality of materials to build their stores. They are also using LED lighting to reduce energy consumptions in their stores. Pizza Hut is also creating innovative pizza box design named the Green Box as part of their sustainability journey. The green box of Pizza Hut is made from recycled materials and can be transformed into individual serving plates and a smaller pizza box in storing leftovers. Pizza Hut has focused on environmental footprint which no one has done in the food industry till now by building their stores using the sustainable building elements. The Global Headquarters of Pizza Hut in Plano was awarded the Star of Excellence award for adopting environmental initiatives and it is leading in the food industry in terms of environmental performance. (“Pizza Hut | Yum! Brands CSR Report”. n.d.)

Subway has focused on doing sustainable packaging by implementing reusing, recycling, and composting. Like other chains in the fast food industry, Subway has also focused on energy efficiency using LED lightings in its restaurants. Subway has also focused on working with farmers to build sustainable agriculture to preserve natural ecosystems and improve water availability to ensure a healthy farming system globally. None in the food industry has determined to work with farmers like Subway to preserve natural ecosystems. (“Environmental Leadership | – United States (English)”. n.d.) Subway has also introduced new green Subway Eco restaurants deigned as environmentally friendly to reduce energy, water, and waste consumption to increase sustainability in the environment.


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