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In "Climate Change Misinformation is Dangerous," Michael E. Mann disagree with Jay Smith point of view on global warming. Mann uses different organizations such as the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the U.S. Navy to support his argument. He persuade those people who doesn't believe in global warming by saying that climate change is real and caused by fossil fuel burning and poses a dangerous menace if the two side don't cooperate.
Mann hopes that his readers and those people that doesn't believe in global warming get together.

This article succeeds because he uses his logical appeal by presenting fact and evidence, Mann makes the readers feel the outrage by using the emotional appeal and he also show his knowledge about the topic which illustrate a lot of credibility with the character appeal.

Mann believes that global warming can have unfavorable and bad consequences on the world. The global warming controversy is a fact that has been deliberated many times.

He realizes that global warming is "…a threat if we do nothing about it" (Mann). Mann then convince the readers with valid, credible and reasonable resources to sustain his argument about how global warming is a big problem in our planet. After seeing all the strong sources that Mann presented such as the Intergovernmental Panel and the U.S Navy, establish some credibility to the reader that the global warming exist.
Mann do a really good work showing many evidences and proofs that confirm how the global warming not only exist, but how dangerous it is, too.

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Mann presents several evidence with a base of expertise that gives the readers the ability to agree with him. He uses facts that affirm and somehow make the readers see the consequences of the global warming.

Mann also use intellectual method to open the reader eyes and minds of the heaviness of the situation. He also mention that most scientists agree that current climate change is mainly caused by human activity and that has been repeatedly demonstrated on the basis of surveys of the scientific opinion as well “…several dozens of scientific groups have independently reproduced, confirmed, and indeed extended our original findings… a team of nearly 80 scientists from around the world…came up with a nearly identical result." (Mann).

At the end Mann clearly made known his beliefs, hopes and knowledge about how the climate change is dangerous and every time is gets worse. Mann wants the readers to understand the importance of being informed of how global warming can affect us in a tremendous way if we don't do anything to stop it or prevent it. He also invited readers who are interested in learning to investigate further so they will have a better perspective and familiarity with this important topic.

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