Pollution Control: Costs and Benefits

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The root words for ecology and economy share the same meaning, they both mean "home regulation". Critics have said that the economy will grow much faster without concerns of polluting the environment. When people began to preserve and clean the environment we live in, they faced many problems such as brown-outs, increased inflation, more unemployment, and other economic setbacks. Thus, the economy and environment were handled separately with respect to the other. Of course, this upset many people and gave them a sense of insecurity in their jobs.

Some said that the United States of America could not afford to preserve the environment and progress economically at the same time.

In very recent times, those same critics have changed their stand and now believe that preserving and cleaning the environment while progressing economically are achieved mutually. Government programs, the private sector, and employees have produced a balance in the two economies through greater morale and new business. With the increased "environmental awareness," many new businesses have been established based on pollution control.

They regulate the standards on pollution output and help to assure that businesses play by the rules. With the reduction of pollution, we have seen many positive benefits for life in general. No one really knows if the years before 1970, when pollution ran free, were insignificant to today; however, those years do reflect very large economic drains.



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Pollution Control: Costs and Benefits
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