President Obama Fulfills the Promise to Take Steps in Saving the Environment

Can you imagine what the world would be like without the clean oxygen we breathe? Could you imagine what this Earth would be like if everyone didn’t give a care for the green environment? Not only would there be complete destruction of businesses and factories, we as humans would physically be in trouble. Life as we know it will spiral downwards if it gets to that point. If trees get destroyed, we will have no paper. If we have no paper, we will have no postal service or printers.

If we do not have either of those, businesses will suffer majorly. The environment will cyclically downturn if we do not make wise decisions. President Barack Obama not only cares for the environment, but actually puts forth effort to complete the tasks he has promised us he would complete.  Along with Al Gore and other presidential candidates, both find it crucially necessary to take action as half the planet takes their apathy out on this Earth.

Ways in which our President has attempted to restore our weakened atmosphere is first, he plans to give businesses and factories a percentage of tax credit to extend and create environmental-friendly facilities. Second, he plans to install high-speed railways to reduce the amount of vehicle emissions that seep into the atmosphere. Third, he has suspended off-shore drilling to prevent other oil spills such as the drastic oil spill in 2010. There are numerous more measures Obama has taken to strengthen our planet, which is why I believe President Barack Obama has the best stand on the issue of environmental safety and energy conservation.

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Next, one of the primary sources of pollution comes from industrial factories and warehouses.  President Obama’s “Better Building Initiative” strategy strives to create buildings and facilities 20% more energy efficient or hopefully more. For example, structures like schools, hospitals, offices, and others will improve drastically while being eco-friendly. When does the President plan to have this all completed? He plans to have this complete by 2020, and doing this through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and Obama’s “Homestar” legislation. One of the causes of the ARRA was to contribute funds to expand health, infrastructure, and our “green” energy. It acted as a relief to the recession we previously encountered. “Homestar” is a program that offered incentives to American homeowners for enhancement of their homes efficiently and environmentally. It was purposed in November of 2009. Some intentions of these programs were, hopefully by reducing household pollution, to save consumers money in the long run and to help stimulate American businesses by the money spent on the appliances, installation, etc. “‘I’m convinced that the country that leads in clean energy isalso going to be the country that leads in the global economy,” Mr. Obama said, speaking from the Savannah Technical College in Georgia. “I want America to be that nation,’” (Tracey D. Samuelson, on cite page)

Additionally, not only would high-speed railways be utterly beneficial to Americans, their convenience meets and exceeds the populations expectations. Obama has faced the opposition of his fellow candidates, yet he keeps pressing on. As of right now, no Americans have access to any high-speed railways. Obama wants to change that. 80% of Americans will have access to railways within about 25 years. The high-speed trains do not use gasoline so they will not emit toxins into the atmosphere. These trains will be tremendously more conservative that cars, let alone planes. Traveling on a train will be much less time consuming than driving your vehicle, not to mention safer. With trains up and running, there will be less cars on the roads and highways, which makes less room for accidents and injury. Nonetheless, this decision will revolutionize transportation in an environment-healthy way.

Lastly, another oil spill would be the last thing our country could possibly go through until we lose our sanity. If anything, the moratorium Obama placed on off-shore drilling will open the eyes of how crucial it is to at LEAST keep an eye on oil lines. Not only will another spill affect us, but much of aquatic life in the oil spill region will be obliterated once again. The oil spill last year acted as a wake-up call to show the need to develop energy-efficient alternatives. Obama seeks ways to try and conserve energy while trying to keep the environment clean and oil-spill-free. While complete off-shore drilling has mostly stopped, there are still some shallow-water drilling going on, yet this isn’t the worst thing occurring. Deep-water drilling poses as our biggest concern. Although Obama was pressured while making his decisions, he has chosen carefully what he believes will benefit the people and environment we live in.

From setting vehicle mileage standards, to funding energy efficient and renewable energy projects, Obama has evidently shown his care for the environment and how it affects us if we do not take care of it. President Obama clearly has a vision to develop an economically clean and energy efficient economy. As the Obama administration confronts the issues and environmental dilemmas we face every day with those whom have different perspectives, not only do they not give up, but they come back even wittier, providing solutions to questions asked by many Americans. Strongly oriented in energy efficiency and energy efficiency programs, Obama’s stimulus plan became a top priority for his administration. As we live our lives in our nation under God, chaos will arise unless we think rationally and cooperate with each other as civilized Americans who support each other and our country.

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President Obama Fulfills the Promise to Take Steps in Saving the Environment
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