Problem of Shackleton`s Leadership

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Trait-Based (“Great Person”) Shackleton was good and reasonable. He has reasonable physical characteristics. He was smart and carried out several similar campaigns before the resistance. I had confidence and added a lot of energy and motivation.
When all his followers were tired. He chose himself to continue the journey to help them.
It has good pressure management, as soon as the boat hangs no pressure appears.
Leave only once as the expression it can achieve will be as effective as possible, and if it fails, it will not be the result of not doing more.

He was good and used his intelligence to save a lot of himself and his crew. He did not show any pressure once the boat broke down. I worked through it and it lasted without interruption. He was terribly persistent in keeping his men alive and was honest with them after they had to separate. Confirming that if he hadn\'t built it, it wasn\'t because he didn\'t do everything possible to try it.

He was excellent at controlling his feelings and never acted selfishly. His goal was to save much of every life on the trip, not just his flight.

Behavior-Based (Concern for People versus Concern for Task); (aka “Consideration” versus “Initiating Structure”)

he gave up on the task and was instead trying to help followers get home. He gave his followers adequate rest. Share food between followers without any bias. This is for the food victim lottery.

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He takes care of everyone on his ship and treats everyone equally. He honored them for the trip and was dedicated to supporting the followers.\n3.Situation-Based (Contingency)
Trapped on Elephant Island, he changed his arrangement and targeted his followers\' service. He was ready to cross the continent, but his followers were not ready to do so.
It is a two-year trip that turns out to be an emergency.
Creating changes that support the ever-changing environmental conditions, while staying focused on the task
He set his goal high, becoming the first crew to cross the continent. He failed to deliver and carry his crew in treacherous conditions, and showed them a way to finish what they started. Worley listened to many directional recommendations and trusted him to motivate them wherever they are. There will be a lot of hospitality and other opinions, but everyone has investigated it like their bold leader. He set his target high and warned his men not to come back alive. Lead them by being strong for the group to be strong for everything different. He set very tough targets when he regularly tried to urge kids not to allow water. But he finally achieved this goal and showed his men that you would simply finish what you started if you had the decision.\n4. Servant Leadership Driving Service As soon as his ship froze in Antarctic life, each of its twenty-seven crew members was brought home alive, as well as an 800-mile nursing assistant flight in open boats overseas Antarctic winter. It took two years, however, Shackleton's sense of responsibility towards his men was not affected.
Shackleton recruited individuals from their passion for travel.
Trapped on Elephant Island, Shackleton didn't want his members to feel tired again because they didn't have enough supplies. Shackleton set out to travel with only three members to the whaling station to urge the facility. Shackleton did not want to complete the mission because it might have a negative impact on his followers.
He visited the whaling station only when the three who were with him got tired.
Shackleton shared his blanket with his followers and received a frost bite.

Shackleton expressed his leadership with his crew morale problems. The pacemaker should especially facilitate its followers. Although this completes your goal.
He knew that laziness would cause depression, so he boycotted them in their analytical tasks, separating them as jointly as possible with soccer and hockey games.
He was excellent at choosing the type of followers. Choose those who are bold and sympathetic to harmful adventures.
He was placed in front of his followers. He didn't care about what happened to him, and he wished his followers would not be affected or hurt.

Transformational Leadership

Shackleton\'s transformational leadership stimulus was his followers. He was ready to let all his followers believe they could achieve the goal.
He was ready to remain optimistic and joyful even in the worst conditions, and since then, with the desire to keep his men together and happy, he has managed to build the journey.
He was creating his followers to play equivalent soccer matches and various games.

He was highly motivating his followers and creating them who he thought would be ready for the goal. You are ready to build it, believe it during your service, and share your blanket. Using a lottery at the World Health Organization to get the food you provide is reasonable. It’s transformational because he was ready to build his active followers through games and various things.

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