Procedures To Cut Back On Greenhouse Gases In America

As we know, Americans are contributing to these problems through climate change. So with all of these people helping out for part of the United States’ mistakes, what can the country as a whole do to help out? Different states in America are using different procedures to cut back on greenhouse gases. For example, California is number 1 in the country on the solar market. Over 4.8 million homes in California are being powered by solar energy. They also lead the world in wind development.

Texas holds 41 windmill facilities that can power over 5.3 million homes. Hydroelectric power was responsible for generating 54% of the overall electricity in Idaho. Many states are joining the Regional Greenhouse gas initiative. A program to not let power plants exceed a certain amount of Carbon dioxide production (Climate). Along with all of these great advancements, there are many more. It is important to know that a single human can make a huge difference in climate change as well.

It is crazy how the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Changing a normal lightbulb to a fluorescent light bulb can save over 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year and decreasing the use of cars can make a huge difference. People need to drive some places but if it is not that far, get in the exercise and walk or bike. It has been shown that driving one mile on average will produce one pound of carbon dioxide. Also, recycling can help as well. If the average person recycled half of the waste they get rid of in their house then that would decrease their carbon dioxide production by 2,400 pounds.

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Doing things like this can make a huge impact (Facilities). Also planting trees, using less hot water, turning off electronic devices, and many more different actions can create a difference. As shown, it is not that hard to make a difference in climate change. People need to start cleaning up their act not just for their safety and environment but for everyone else’s too.

Overall climate change is a very big problem in today’s world and it is humans who are at the root of it and do not even know they are harming other people’s lives. Recently, greenhouse gases have been dropping due to the Coronavirus because large numbers of people are staying home and many businesses are not operating. That is some positivity amongst all the negativity today. While eliminating global warming, people need to look for the positivity the change will bring. People underestimate the power they have to make a difference. But is that small risk in lack of reward worth it for the thousands of lives being destroyed? 

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Procedures To Cut Back On Greenhouse Gases In America
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