Reaction on Climate Change Issue

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Climate change has always been a global and controversial issue for a long time now. A plethora of ideas have been suggested to effectively respond to this problem, yet none of which were actually implemented. And due to certain ethical standards as well as the economic and political implications, there is still an uncertainty about the best way to reduce, if not to eliminate global warming.

After reading Greta Thunberg’s speech and Jason D. Hill’s open letter to Greta, I must admit, I was initially in a state-of-coma on to which of them should I take sides.

Both have given their own points and in fact, I agree to both of them. However, as I look back as to how the environment was before when I was a child compared today, I can say I stand for forthcoming generations and the idea of protecting lives on earth. And agree on the fact that the government/lawmakers should put priorities on how to address the issues in haste.

With all the information we learned about the climate change, I believe that it is not just about science anymore. It’s about how the government/lawmakers and ordinary people would address the matter. Like how the governments of each country would create a policy about sustainability and how individual people like us would contribute to the problems. I, for example, came to a point where I questioned myself as to why would I unplug the charger when I am not using it; or turn off the lights and the monitor of my computer at work during our lunch break whilst some of my co-workers won’t do the same thing as I do.

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And so then, I did not bother to do it again. I think that the same thing happens to the government and lawmakers of most countries. I believed that the very reason why there is a little progress in addressing climate change is that we tend to rationalize things. It’s like some countries would say: “I’ve got more problems to resolve and climate change doesn’t concern me much”. Or some country would probably tell: “Don’t blame me as if I am the only one using coal as the main source of fuel energy, why don’t you talk to China instead?” India for example, are in the position of defending the actions they take and continue using fossil fuels as their main source of energy simply because other nations like USA don’t bother to stop or reduce its usage.

With that being said, I think that all of us and just on the select few should take the responsibility and take part in this movement in addressing the climate change issue. And although most of the countries have participated and committed themselves in reducing the carbon dioxide emission, I believe that most countries are not even close in achieving their objectives. So if I were to initiate an action that would revolutionize the call against this, it would be to elevate the importance of collaboration. I believed that all parties like the government, businessman, scientist and even us, the ordinary people should understand that we should be working hand-in-hand to establish a forward-planning approach.

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