A Remedy to the Issue of Climate Change: A Problem/Solution Essay

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The earth's atmosphere is dying as you read this. Toxic gasses are destroying the earth and life on it. Eventually there will be no more atmosphere and no more oxygen. Climate change needs to be stopped, in order to preserve the earth and all life on it. As people begin to send greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, when using gasoline and energy, the gases heats the earth. Everyone can help stop global warming by being aware of ways we can help make the earth greener.

In order to preserve the earth, we must stop climate change and it can be solved by offering more recycling centers, educating people on the matter, and using alternative ways to collect and use resources.

Climate change is a problem because it is destroying the eart h's atmosphere. Since the beginning of the Industrial Era (cira 1803), humans have been putting CO2 into the air (carbonbrief). With all the factories and transportation vehicles releasing greenhouse gases, the more the gases have damaged the earth.

If we continue to add large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, then it would be destroyed and all life on earth would die. The remaining water would freeze. Eventually (long after surface life died), solar radiation would break atmospheric water into oxygen, which would react with carbon on the Earth to form carbon dioxide. The air would still be too thin to breathe. “The lack of atmosphere would chill the Earth's surface" (thought.co)

Usually when sunlight comes to earth, the atmosphere deflects it back into space.

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The problem starts to occur when there is a large amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The CO2 absorbs the sunlight, which heats the earth. This causes many things like the temperature of the air and oceans, shrinking ice sheets, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification. All of these things create a poor earth and a bad place to live. We can help stop climate change. Eco friendly cars run off of energy, rather than gasoline and solar panels and wind turbines help create natural energy from nature. Now there have been ways CO2 has been released but at a lesser value. Volcanos and reparations are examples of natural CO2 going into the atmosphere. If the amount of CO2 and other gasses were limited, the earth would be much healthier, and nature would be normal again.


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A Remedy to the Issue of Climate Change: A Problem/Solution Essay
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