Renewable Sources of Energy

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Renewable energy is more hygienic than fossil fuels. One being, it will last a whole lot longer in the future. Coal energy will be more expensive then renewable energy. There are two types of renewable energy and they are wind and solar energy. This energy will be safer for the environment. Renewable energy provides better air quality because fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide when it is burned and that causes damage to the environment including air pollution and climate change.

In magazine time it states how inexpensive natural prices of gas and the rise use of low-cost renewables have benefited the public.

This is really useful because it talks about in the article that the consumers saved at least 4% household spending on energy. This also explains how renewable energy saves money and is more beneficial to the public living. The differences and similarities between opposing position on renewable energy as fossil fuels are notable, and they deserve rigorous scrutiny. As researchers study more into ways to make the environment clean for living they found ways and renewable energy is what is best for the future because it is reusable, everyone can use it as much as needed and it still won’t run out.

Renewable energy will be accessible in the future. Renewable energy is rich, clean, and has no intrusion than fossil fuels, which is great for the environment. Now, that the price in renewable energy has decreased this is mainly due to attributable to the progress in technology.

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Fossil fuels release great

Saeed 2 amounts of greenhouse gas, and as well as carbon dioxide that causes climate change, global warming, and abasement of air quality which is very dangerous. The price of electricity from solar and wind power plants has risen within the past years and because of that some retails renewable creation is now affordable than natural gas or coal. For example, “a record number of power purchase agreements and what ended up being historically low prices.” (Cardwell 23). Cardwell explains that companies have come together to reduce the amount of renewable energy using new developed technologies and financing and operations.

In magazine time “The contributions of sustainable energy to the country’s economic competitiveness are direct, dramatic, and dynamic,” (Jacobson 8). Jacobson talks about this because this is an issue that needs to be discussed and further explained. Without no further investigation about renewable energy nothing can be said. In New York Times “It is really quite notable, when compared to where we were just five years ago, to see the decline in the cost of these technologies,” (Mir 23). Mir mentioned this quote because he noticed how powerful technologies became changing over time which is profitable to many. In USA today, an article touches on “President Trump’s attempt to gut our nation’s Clean Power Plan is foolish- and it’s also unlawful,” (Becerra 13). Becerra says this is not a good idea due to the arise of new energy market, anticipate rising the economy which is not what is needed in the economy.

Renewable energy may cause more expense due to how it produces pollution such as carbon emissions, but renewable energy is cost is less expensive than fossil fuels to Saeed 3 solar energy cost about 5.6 cents a kilowatt-hour and wind are 1.4 cents while natural gas is at 6.1 cents and coal is at 7.2 cents. Renewable energy is cheaper than it was before which was a big change in the economy and this because of the development in technology.

However, fossil fuels do benefit the environment such as the decrease in coal power, it can be easily transported, and they give off huge amounts of intensive energy. The coal power plants now supply 30% of the country’s electricity than it was in 2008. Renewable energy has more advantages, although it may have disadvantages it is best for the consumers than fossil fuels.

Renewable energy saves you money, good for your health, and most importantly it is safe for the environment. The solar and wind energy has benefits, it lowers combustion from electricity and provides a better air-quality to breathe. Wind energy is limitless and is at large and solar energy decreases electricity bills, weather dependent, and has an impact on the environment.

My position on the issue is I think at the end of the day we all need to know how much renewable energy is great and the electricity is cheap for all of us than compared to natural gas and coal. While renewable energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen few types of air pollution that is great for the environment. Nowadays, renewable energy has improved and caused valuable advantages to industries, markets, and the customers. Saeed 4 Closing argument is renewable energy is reasonable, safer, and healthy for the consumers. The reduction of electricity bills for the consumer made a considerable mpact on many countries which saved them money to those who could not afford to pay. I know as years go by there will more, advance ideas made that will benefit the economy as a whole. I think renewable energy is one of the greatest advancements we have made to improve the living lifestyle for everyone today.

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Renewable Sources of Energy
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