A Report on My Interest in the Architectural Design and Concept of Sustainability of the Bank of America Tower

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My interest in Bank of America Tower is informed by the fact that the building has set a new standard in high-performance structures, for all of its occupants and the city that is nurturing the concept of sustainability. The design of the tower addresses its local environment and ensures that the occupants have sufficient fresh air, daylight, and intrinsic connection to the outdoors (The Skyscraper Center).

The building has a clean burning technology, a thermal storage system, and a 5.0 MW cogeneration plant, all which ensures that the tower is environmentally friendly (The Skyscraper Center).

WTC Transportation Hub

The integration of sculptural form and natural light on the design of the building especially on the lower levels is what interests me. WTC Transportation Hub is impressive and can be likened to the image of a bird being freed from a child's hand (The Skyscraper Center). The roof of the building evokes a dove's wings and ensures that the skylight at the top is retractable.

Moreover, the roof opens on hot days with an objective of regulating temperature (The Skyscraper Center). The building includes fully integrated mezzanines and climate controlled concourses.

The Concept of Contextualism

Context with regard to architecture entails giving meaning to various elements of a building with regard to physical and social factors in its wider surrounding. Contextualism is a building design principles in which a structure is designed in a manner that ensures that it can respond to its specific natural and urban environment (Designing Buildings Wiki).

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In this regard, Contextualism involves analyzing, adapting, and integrating natural and social-cultural factors into the context of a building.

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