A Report on the Preservation of the Wetlands of Bolsa Chica

Categories: Ecology

The city of Bolsa Chica needs to take the next steps towards restoration of its precious wetlands. These steps should include the reconnection of the wetlands more directly to the ocean, the protection of existing wildlife, reestablishment of native animals and vegetation and the strict supervision of water quality. In order to protect the wetlands for the future generations, we must also educate the next generations about these valuable areas and how vital their survival is to the health of the surrounding areas.

First, the city of Bolsa Chica should allow for the reconnection of the wetlands to the ocean. This should be done with great care not to shock current homeostasis of environment and canal lines should be drawn up along natural historical lines. This would require the renovation of Pacific Coast Highway to accommodate for this new canal. A bridge would be the best way to assist this effort. Maintaining balance in this delicate ecosystem is vital and so for at least the first five years visitors should be restricted from the beach within twenty five yards of the canal.

Existing wildlife should be another high priority in the maintenance of the wetlands. Birds and fish native to the lands should be watched closely for drops in population due to outside forces and should be protected accordingly. Animals and plants once native to the area that have been acted upon deleteriously by human contact should be reintroduced into the wetlands and given the best chance at survival. Volunteers could be the best at facilitating this move by helping plant or feed these new organisms as they adjust to their new surroundings.

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Finally, the visitor center should be renovated for easier access by the public and tours should be often and accessible to the people, especially students. Student tours should be well publicized at local schools as well. With the increase in visitors standards for pollution and accessibility to delicate areas should be more secured. Water quality should be strictly monitored for cleanliness and cleanups should be organized once a month. The tour groups will be allowed on the paths only and should be small and quiet.

The preservation of the Bolsa Chica wetlands should be a high priority for the city as well as the state. With aid from these governments as well as the support of the people, the wetlands can be saved and restored to their historic beauty.


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A Report on the Preservation of the Wetlands of Bolsa Chica
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