A Research on Humans' Influence on Weather in Early Egyptian Civilizations and in the History of the United States

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Before I received the assignment for this research paper I had already informed myself about global warming and weather patterns. I used my previous knowledge about the subject to write up a quick outline with the ideas that I had before starting any in depth research. I already knew a lot about the subject before starting the paper so most of my research was just for concrete evidence to prove the points that I was making. My first article was "World's Oldest Weather Report Could Alter Egyptian History" by Susan Allen.

This article talked about large storms that hit early Egyptian civilizations. The people back then described the weather patterns as being caused by “the red sea trough” rather than humans. This helps show that if humans were not causing large, destructive weather events in the past then they could not possibly be the cause of them now. The Egyptians understood that weather patterns were a result of the forces of planet Earth.

Human carbon footprints were unrelated to the weather patterns.

Another report that I found, “Texas Hurricane History” by David Roth showed data of hurricanes that have occurred in Texas over the last 100 years. For each hurricane it provided a name, date and number of casualties. It showed one very destructive hurricane in particular that came through before the US and world populations were very high. I used the articles "U.S. Demographic History | U.S. Immigration Policy – Environmental Impact Statement |" and "U.

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S. Population in 1776 and 1790." To show population changes in relation to dates of weather events in the "Texas Hurricane History” article.

"Trends in Extreme US Temperatures" by Jaechoul Lee, Li Shanghong and Robert Lund gives data about average temperatures in the US over the course of several decades. This data showed that there were extreme temperatures in the past and it is nothing new to have periods of abnormally high temperatures. There are shifts in world weather patterns constantly and it is just something that we have to get used to if we are going to be living on this planet.

I finished up my paper by talking about our responsibility to take care of our planet and prepare ourselves for weather disasters as best as we can. I used the article “National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office" for data about yearly floods on the Mississippi River. Every year I see on the news that once again the river has flooded and destroyed homes and towns. Every year I also see that people are rebuilding their homes and towns on the river. If we know that the river floods every year we should not be rebuilding homes where we know that they will be destroyed when the floods come back again.

I personally feel that there is enough historical evidence to prove that the weather patterns we are experiencing now is nothing new. Our planet has been experiencing these kinds of things for thousands of years. We should not be worried so much about what we should be doing to prevent these things from happening, since there is no way for us to prevent them, instead we should be concerning ourselves with protecting ourselves from the damage caused by them. 

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A Research on Humans' Influence on Weather in Early Egyptian Civilizations and in the History of the United States
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