A Research Proposal for the Change in Climate Experienced in Northern Canada

Categories: Climate Change

My topic in this research paper will be the change in climate experienced in the Northern Canada. During the 17th century, the climate of the Northern Canada contributed toward the formation of sea ice. This climate favored various animals, which have adapted. But in the twentieth century, the climate has tremendously changed, which is greatly contributed by the rapid global warming. Global warming has resulted in increase in temperature that has adverse impacts. This has resulted in the formation of the New Arctic.

The rise in temperatures has made the ice to melt and frequent rainfall. This has led to the formation of the various bodies with the primary agenda of retaining the climate the way it was before. Such bodies are Inuit Circumpolar Council and Arctic Council. There has been suggested various multinational initiatives by the humanists and the social scientists. I intend to gain a thorough understanding regarding how the climate has changed in the Northern Canada.

My research will have to address an important question, what are the impacts of climate change in the Northern Canada? Several other questions will also be addressed by examining the above primary question.

They include; what has contributed to climate change? Is global warming related to the climate change? Do human activities contribute to global warming in any way? What are some effects caused by global warming that contribute to change in the Northern ecosystem? Does global warming cause animals to migrate? What are some solutions suggested by the Inuit Circumpolar Council and Arctic Council to mitigate climate change? What are the effects of climate change to the environment? These questions will be focused upon in my research, which will give a deeper understanding of the topic.

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A Research Proposal for the Change in Climate Experienced in Northern Canada
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