River cleanup project progress report

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These days Government of India launched many projects related to the environment, like river cleaning program, re-greening local areas & other to preserve sustainable ecosystems. Due to human irresponsible activities, water pollution has become an issue of global concern in the modern era. We know that many different organisms get shelter from distinct types of water ecosystems such as rivers, ponds, & oceans. Our Environment class requires us to demonstrate multiple skills like research on restoration natural habitat, demonstrate science model related global warming and climate change, and finally volunteer work as an environmentalist for reducing our overall waste footprint on the Earth.

In our current project, we were tasked to clean up the Mahi River of over village. The project began at a small village in Porbandar district. This river provides 60% of our district’s drinking water.
In the 1st meeting, we decided our plan to remove trace amount in the water and also we discussed lots of things related to accessibility like river depth, thickness of the vegetation along the riverbank, how far away will volunteer form the recycling area, and how many access points are there.

We started this project at the end of the spring because of the low water level and good weather, so litter left above the water level. River cleanup project in which we chose an area where there is a lot of litter and organisms do not survive in harsh weather conditions. So we want to provide a good environment for the organisms & clean water in the village.

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This is an elementary idea to preserve our natural resources, wildlife, and land. In this project, we will also identify sources of water that spread water pollution. I think that all of these ideas will lead to the completion of a successful project.

Work completed:

The ‘Mahi River’ cleanup project will complete in 3 phases. We have completed two phases of the project. We started this volunteer work two months ago, on December 15th, 2020. We organise 2-3 seminars for local community groups & youth groups to participate in waterway cleanup to finish this work earlier. In the first phase of the project, we collected many set up things like first aid kit, Trace bags, cleanup supplies, boats, trucks, life jackets, footwear and many more. We also call a local reporter in advance to provide information about cleanup to the community. In the second phase of the project, we separated all the traces from recycling like still, aluminium, plastic &, etc. We have also arranged a truck service for commercial waste disposal. In the project, our class used the nanotechnology to remove dangerous chemicals, bacteria & other pollutants from the water. My class teacher has more knowledge about the environment & its issues. We finished our second phase on 8th February 2020, but our project is not finished because we want to restore our natural ecosystem at the river bank. We know that every year, millions of tons of trace end up in the river that is harmful to human & organisms that depends on it.

Work to be completed:

In the final phase of the project, we will develop recreational facilities and restore the ecosystem to develop the nation’s economy because it has importance in our day to day life. At the riverbank, we want to plant trees along the channel so migrating birds nested there. We want to restore natural weather conditions for survival and reproduction of fish and other water animals. We know that this is not small project, but as a part of a community, we want to give a short snapshot of the environment because without nature we are nothing. After completion of the 3rd phase, we again organise a seminar to deliver some thoughts regarding save nature. I will finish this project probably at the end of February.

Encountered / Anticipated problems:

We encountered/anticipated a few problems during the river cleanup project.

  1. Requires large volunteers group: To fulfill this requirement we asked our friends, families, co-workers, environmental organisation, and municipality to join our team. We printed posters to advertise this program and we finally asked the boat owners to join our team and pick up litter from the river.
  2. Safety: Safety is the most important factor in this project because a smaller river has a more sensitive ecosystem and more pollution due to lake of resources. Volunteers need to wear work gloves, waterproof footwear, long sleeves & pants because of poisonous plants, bugs bites & sunburn. During the project, we provide medical facilities to the workers.
  3. Proper understanding: I know, this is not small project. We work together in which youth group & other workers work together but respect and punctuality are the most prominent factors to finish this project. So, we arrange 10 members of the team in which allocate 1 leader to observe teamwork.
  4. Funding Issue: In our 3 phases of the project, we need a maximum amount of the money to install various recreational facilities but we hope that our organisation and government provide this fund to fulfill our goal. 

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River cleanup project progress report
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