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Biomimicry is a branch of science that tries to reflect sustainability and life functions in environmental design to the lives of individuals, as well as proposes to bring improved studies to a necessary level of prosperity through nature. So how can biomimicry solve the problem of viruses and bacteria in the health care industry? It is possible to say that nature is the source of healing and inspiration in many areas. Nature is a combination of perfect elements that inspire every sector with its perfection in its creation and still unsolvable secrets, and reflect these pros in the health sector with its healing effects in its creation.

There is a reason why each element is created in nature and has a healing effect. It would be right to elaborate on this. The use of plants and the counting of each plant as a medicinal herb are just a few of them.

As we have observed in history, the fact that individuals can survive despite the lack of modern medicine in ancient times is actually the healing of nature in its pure form.

The perfect and impeccable nature, which has been healing individuals in history, allows the prevention of viruses and bacteria through herbal and medical means today. Biomimicry creates conditions that are suitable for life. In creating these conditions, there are some purposes. It is one of the most effective and explanatory ways to evaluate these objectives in detail in the design principles of biomimicry and the principles of life. According to the principles of life, each individual has a certain cycle to pay attention to.

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When each individual complies with this, a significant reduction in the impeccable processing of this cycle and the reduction of diseases in the health sector will be achieved.

According to the life cycle, the selection of more eco-friendly chemicals in the field of chemistry, the separation of chemicals into smaller subgroups and the unnecessary use of chemicals will be some of them. For example, we know how harmful pesticides are to human health and that excessive doses of agricultural use lead to fatal consequences. And how well do we know that this drug, which is actually used in the field of agriculture, is not friendly to nature, but an enemy? How accurate is it to make a legal intervention in the perfect cycle that nature can handle on its own? These are points of connection as they are entangled with each other. This study in the field of agriculture also slaughtered the beneficial bacteria in the product and presented chemicals to individuals is just the beginning of this event. In the developing process, the user consuming this product takes the chemical to his body and begins to bring down his own immune system. Microorganisms and antibodies in the body try to fight bacteria/viruses in this way. However, with a product that nature has created perfectly, the metabolic structure of the user who buys a pesticide product will not be one of course. As we get out of here, nature has actually presented the raw state of everything to man, but one has struggled to turn it in its favor. This can be considered as a consumption craze, economic reasons, etc. So it will be possible to say that nature is actually the most healing way to individuals as a source of healing. It is necessary to talk about the working conditions of nature here.

As we mentioned earlier, the working conditions of nature were not artificial factors from the outside. It would be best to talk about the factors that are obtained and affectthe natural way. Life is essentially about the integrity, working conditions and principles that nature offers us. These elements sometimes directly affect nature, sometimes indirectly. Here's how we can list them: solar, water and gravity, factors that are not in dynamic balance, transformation stages, limits and limits.. Life is actually a phenomenon of these elements. These elements create and shape nature. The most important factor that can be said about nature in this regard will be to say that these factors are those who feed and exist nature. That's why everything works perfectly on a certain balance in nature. If these balances are broken or the principles of life in the specified yulerina do not comply, the slaughter of nature will lead to new global problems in many branches. These problems will affect human health over time and individuals will flee nature and resort to chemical drugs or management. For this reason, these activities carried out in the name of biomimicry within the scope of sustainability contribute to this field. It sees the principles of design and sustainability inspired by nature in both architectural, health and industry fields.

Nature inspires and heals people. Inspired by most designs, nature has also inspired the health sector in terms of new inventions and solutions. We know that a healthy immune system and necessary medical support are needed to circumvent the Covid-19 virus, which is spread under the name of pandemics that we are experiencing now. Nature contributes to individuals within these two methods. Although the health problems experienced by people in the past were not modern medicine, it has been proven and proven to be overcome by herbal interventions. Therefore, each drug has a herbal source in its prospectus. And each drug is entering the production stage with a herbal base. In addition, nature is a consumable consumption cellar. The earth fulfills its duty to people by taking on a continuous production task. But pesticides used here lower the body's immune system and enter the user's body, causing them to fight bacteria and germs because of such chemicals. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry is applied and in fact, the deteriorating body metabolism due to chemical factors again tries to get through this situation with a chemical drug supplement. Therefore, when there are herbal paths that nature recommends, resorting to chemical pathways is not an example of positive sustainability. As we will understand from here, nature actually offers us certain improvements for life and develops these developments over time. Nature's unique rules are a factor that triggers and affects these developments. As Edmurd Burke said, “we must all obey the great law of is the most powerful way of nature.”

For this reason, being able to contribute to it without disturbing the current balance of nature will enable individuals to improve their living conditions in the future. It is a process that will proceed with the support of nature, which provides us with the solution of everything, using our recyclable material, reducing the carbon footprint, avoiding chemicals, and supporting the soil and nature. It will be possible to understand this balance in nature, from changing seasons, temperature differences, natural disasters. Although it is not understandable in nature directly or indirectly, it reflects the balance within itself and protects the balance.Of course, it will be possible to say that there are some limits and limits within this balance. For this reason, advocating that nature is the basis of this progress in the health sector reveals an undeniable reality. Because it has a structure that is as sensitive and fragile as the human being in nature. It has a tissue that can be damaged. For example, it will be one of the sufficient examples to talk about the unconscious interventions that we humans make to nature. It must be able to renew itself and not disrupt its flow. It is one of the most effective ways to say that nature is the simplest way to support people in a concrete and abstract way. Nature survives this difficult situation of the individual again with natural methods. The body fights naturally with viruses and bacteria and renews itself. It creates a metabolic resistance. Actually, we can think of it as the adaptation process of life. This process goes hand in hand. Of course, there are certain limits and limits. For this reason, nature offers us the most effective ways to find solutions to bacteria and viruses. People should be able to realize and adapt themselves before they kill them.

In this way, we respect nature and we can perceive its development as we support it. The life offered by the ecology system of nature exists with certain adaptation processes. In fact, nature, which is the perfect harmony of everything, helps this adaptation process with its elements and combinations in itself. For this reason, nature has found a result in history and inspired every sector. The health sector is at the top of the list, which is why we see that the health sector is defeated by the medical methods of nature, both chemically and herbally. We all need to comply with the laws and limits of nature and support this balance within the scope of sustainability.

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