The Severe Influence of Climate Change We are Affected by Today

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Humans have chatted about the weather at all times and everywhere. But it's different now. Something is happening to our planet. Something very bad. Something we have to change. I do not mean all wars raging around the world, the financial crisis or something similar. I'm talking about something much worse. Climate change is something that concerns us all and which may become a greater threat if we do not change our habits drastically. In this work, I will address various issues related to global warming to do.

With global warming mean to the observations made since the early 1900s and suggests that global average temperature increases. These increases in temperature due to the greenhouse effect which I shall now explain. greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is today a pretty loaded word. But there is actually nothing negative, it's rather a good thing. Without the greenhouse effect, we would in fact have an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, that is not particularly pleasant.

Greenhouse gases, thereby contributing to a much more comfortable average temperature, around 15 degrees Celsius. The problem is that the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leads to less heat is released, and thus we get a higher average temperature. It is this climate crisis is all about. Today is the most problematic gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide and ozone. Among them, the water vapor that contributes most to global warming, but it is also the most difficult to access.

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Therefore, you put the most effort to reduce carbon emissions. One method used today to reduce greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme. The proposal was coined during the negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. It is to the government of a country decides how much greenhouse gases that may be released. Each allowance is then worth a certain amount of emissions. Thus, the more a company pollutes, the more they have to pay. If a company gets allowances over, they can sell them to other companies and thus monetize their emission reduction. The price for emission allowances are currently EUR 40 per tonne of carbon dioxide. A brief explanation of how the greenhouse effect works. El Niño

El Niño is a warming of surface waters in the eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean, then at South America's western coast. The event occurs every 4-7 years around Christmas, and lasts 12-17 months. Under normal conditions, see the weather pattern around the tropical parts of the Pacific like to winds pushing around the warm surface water westward toward Australia and Indonesia, this gives northeastern Australia desperately needed rainfall amounts when they fail to create severe drought. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean pours cold water up along the coast of South America, normally about eight degrees colder than outside Australia. When El Niño occurs, this changes abruptly and the trade winds, which normally runs on ocean currents, are dying out. This allows the hot water, which normally appears in Australia and Indonesia, now appears at South America, and produces drastic changes in weather. Examples of the effects of El Niño are extremely large amounts of rain that causes great devastation in the form of flooding along the coast. Another effect is a sharp decline in fish stocks in the normally very fish-rich waters off the coast of Peru, this gives a large negative impact on the fishing industry. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean gives it a completely opposite effect, severe drought and high air pressure gives poor harvests and severe forest fires in north-eastern Australia. What does this global warming to do? There are actually no one knows for sure if El Niño affected by a warmer climate, but many scientists fear that a higher average temperatures in provide powerful effects, or more prolonged ones. Even now, it has been noted that El Niño will more and more often, however, this is nothing that is completely proven.

We are facing a gigantic task. Climate change is arguably our generation's greatest, most difficult and important question. There is no longer any doubt that our planet is getting warmer. Of the 928 scientific articles in various magazines around the world, it was zero percent who expressed doubts about the causes of global warming. People the world over have chatted about the weather at all times and everywhere. But it's different now. In a small village in Nepal, talk about how the now constantly flooded river washes away more and more of their arable land. In Spain, the winegrowers talk about their problems because of hotter, drier summers. In Africa, the deserts spreading out faster and faster, forcing people to move. Climate change is every longer ignore them. Drought in some parts of the world, floods in others, dying coral reefs, more and stronger hurricanes, thawing permafrost, melting glaciers, tropical diseases spread further and further north. Are you convinced? In a few decades we may have a whole new kind of refugees. Forget about labor and the like, remember the word climate refugees! If we envision a nightmare scenario in which the rising sea levels by 5-6 meters, the extremely densely populated areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangladesh, Calcutta and the Netherlands largely destroyed. In the above mentioned areas, where a total of over 120 million people. Imagine when all of them have to move. If today we complain when hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war-torn country, imagine then when 120 million people need to move. New problems will then be developed, xenophobia, could become a major problem. When so many people of different ethnic backgrounds are moving, it is difficult to avoid conflicts, war will become a part of everyday life. The Earth is our only home, our civilization's future is at stake. On the small dot in the universe as we trudge around at everything you've ever had happened. Everything that man has accomplished. All triumphs, all the tragedies, wars and famines. It is time that we wake up from our slumber and secures our future. It is easy to feel powerless over something so big and believe that individual efforts do not matter. But by each individual does their fair share to limit the waste of natural resources, we can all make a contribution.

Examples of things that every single person can think of in everyday life, for example, to choose energy-saving bulbs, drive less, conserve hot water and so on. It may seem insignificant things. But there are things we must do to save our planet.


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The Severe Influence of Climate Change We are Affected by Today
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