Small Business: Monopolization of Farms

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Most farmers come from a long generation of farmers that have helped provide farm produced crops for the society for many decades. Farmers are proud of what they do and love being able to bring in all-natural farm feed produced and provide fresh fruits and veggies to our local grocers. Agriculture has been stable stability for America for decades economically and food source of survival. Most recent years small rural farmers struggle with climate change, competitive traders, and large corporations taking over.

Importantly, the challenge is to focus on the issues of unethical farm practices and animal treatment. Ultimately, is addressing how large corporations have monopolized the food industry and impacted our society.


The small farmers take big a risk of doing business for a larger corporation. The larger the corporation grows and the more the demands needed the \"middle man\" gets cut out and the larger farmers get chosen ( Press, A, 1996). Therefore local farmers should not count on contracts through big businesses because they take major risks of failing with big corporations with their family legacy as farmers, losing profits and contracts.

Overall, farmers can fall far behind on their payments and as a result, can lose their farm animals and land. Other challenging issues are large corporations have small farmers under a contract that allows them to take control and result in the control of lower prices for their products which means for small farmers fewer profits. This has been an ongoing issue of small farmers relying on the income that comes from large corporations.

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The ended results have caused to force small farmers to go out of business and for some to lose their land, sell their animals to the slaughterhouse.
The impact that small farmers have been facing over last years large processors called Dean Foods that bottles milk for Wal-Mart has been dropped by larger corporations. In particular, dairy farmers was not getting enough profit to survive due to the sell price was below the cost of the production of the milk. The impact of large corporations taking over small farmers and putting small farmers out of business has left large corporations complete control over our food system. Large corporation monopolies our food system anywhere from production, market prices, poultry, and livestock. Overall it has allowed the large corporation to have such power in a way of controlling what food is placed in the markets. Which means they are controlling what we eat.


America\'s economic foundation has contributed from rural small farmers more than $51.4 billion in economies of milk (Dairy Foods; Troy, 2019). Not only humans rely on food to survive but it makes up most of America\'s economy. The question is what does agriculture do for us. Agriculture means providing food by raising crops and raising animals to provide food to survive and many other products and helping the economy to grow. Nowadays agriculture has become a global trade.
The benefits of agriculture are for food, survival, keep us healthy, and help the population grow with more people in the world. Also, agriculture has brought in job creations as well. In modern times of agriculture, farmers have developed a different method of farming which is organic foods that all-natural with no pesticides. That means for us more healthy fruits and veggies and grass feed animals with no hormones or chemicals, and high in nutrients.

Disadvantages of Large Corporations

The disadvantages of large corporations have impacted our society in many ways. Large corporations have a new way of farming that deals with technology for high demands that produce unhealthy process foods. The large corporation\'s only goal is to gain high profits. Large corporations have put many small farmers out of business and use more factory farms. This has put not only small farmers out of business but rural communities in poverty with job losses. The use of factory farms has caused our environment to be polluted, used more chemicals, and poor farming practiced have caused our environment to be damage and producing unhealthy foods for society.

Ethical Issues

Addressing ethical issues of large corporations taking over small farmers are countless. First off, now that big businesses are taking over and having complete control over our food system the high demand for produces has caused food safety issues of contaminated food. Food safety is vitally important in how it is processed and produced. Secondly, the unethical treatment of animals. Animals shouldn\'t be mistreated after all it is our food source. So what\'s the point.
The term animal ethics is huge. According to the dictionary, ethics is defined because of the study of what\'s morally right and wrong ( The term animal ethics is additionally believed to be what\'s right and wrong supported beliefs, values, and morals of animals. Another unethical issue involves is the use of chemicals and pesticides to fight insects off and increase production in crops. The problem with the use of chemicals and pesticides is harmful to health. It is unethical to use chemicals that destroy our health and farmers should find more safe products to protect our health and crops.


Many other unethical issues need to be addressed especially trading wars and looking over small farmers for medium to large farmers because they can produce more than smaller farmers. The only two crops that most small farmers have made the most profitable are corn and soybeans which is still not enough to afford to feed their animals, the upkeep of their crops, and keeping their land and farm. The majority of rural communities are small farmers\' livelihood income is into farming and has helped create jobs. To help support small businesses grow local restaurants should do business with their local farmer suppliers for fresh veggies, fruits, and meats. Another way most local farmers can get suppport for consumers has helped their business grow is buying farm products through the farmers market. With the farmers market, local farmers provide fresh produces and have helped build a relationship to help communities to stay healthy.
When big businesses come in and take over small businesses it leaves society with the effects of economic loss and destroys families and rural communities that rely on their farm for income and jobs. In modern times large corporations have brought innovations and factory farms for the future of farming which can leave small farmers no longer needed or even extinct. While major problems of large corporations left in complete control over our food system have damaged our environment, small farmer\'s livelihood, rural communities job loss, mistreatment of animals, and hasn\'t given society a choice on what we eat that\'s the place in our local grocers. Significantly, learning about animal ethics should help educate, fight, and being conscious of how animals are being treated and being violated and to acknowledge how ethics is a component of an attribute to try to do the proper thing. Most importantly, we must fight for what is right for our small farmers and take control back into society hands not let large corporations get away with destroying what America was built upon it has to be a real change by gaining political power on our side to change the policies and put larger corporations out of control of our food system.

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