Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is making sure that a corporation conducts itself in an ethical way in regards to the community, economic, and environment it operates as well as human rights consideration. In this scenario, TechFite make a commitment to sponsor events within the community and show their support for programs designed for youths. They also make an investment towards Dellberg’s infrastructure.

Ethical Desirability

Company officials for TechFite should feel ethically motivated to work towards making improvements in the way the community views TechFite.

In this scenario, the organization did not deliver on its promise for employee wages, failed to meet the 40 hour work weeks promised to employees, and did not provide funding for programs in the community. In order for TechFite to be respected by the community of Dellberg, these obligations that were promised to the community must be met for ethical purposes.

Description of Course of Action

Community involvement is a major part of TechFites culture. which will help them properly be able to fund waste disposal, which is ethically and socially responsible.

Once waste disposal is funded properly and proper jobs are provided they should be able to keep their promise of helping to rebuild the local community. Happy employees are focused and productive employees which aids in profit margins increasing. If your profits increase you can do more to provide for the local community and do your part with being socially and ethically responsible.

Ethical, Social and Environmental Responsibility

Employee satisfaction is ethically responsible because you have a duty to your company to keep production up and the best way to do that is by keeping your staff happy.

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“Happy” could mean proper wages, benefits, positive reviews, moral boosts, etc. It all depends on your company culture. In TechFites case, the employees are dissatisfied with the number of hours provided and lack of benefits, if you add those two things in your employees become happier, and in turn, more productive. This also is socially responsible because your employees are part of the community that you want to help rebuild. Proper waste disposal is both ethically and socially responsible because TechFite is part of a local community who depends on the company to properly dispose of toxic waste. A large company can make or break the community that they are based in. With proper disposal, the company is doing the right thing for the environment, they’re honest, and doing right by the people who live around the factory. TechFite has an ethical duty to the community to operate in accordance with the law and their core values and culture. Social responsibility is to provide for the community, also, follow environmental ethics in accordance with dumping laws and doing right by the community in which the factory is located.

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Social Responsibility
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