Solar Energy in Mersin Town

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In today’s World, needs of energy consumption has increased for people due to rapidly increasing population.This increasing affect people’s life, sometimes in bad sometimes in good way. If people use renewable energy, it will be beneficial for humanity and environment. But, the bad sides of it; there are a lot of energy consumption which affects nature in a bad way. In this article below, I will provide you this bad affects and how can be solve them for my hometown.

Today's technology is very advanced. Technology provides various benefits for both people and nature. One of these developments is solar energy. In this article, I will talk about why and how to use solar energy in my hometown Mersin.

The reason why Mersin is suitable.

Nowadays, as in the rest of the world, the need for renewable energy has increased significantly in our country due to population growth and heavy industrialization. Therefore, moving from cleaner and less costly renewable energy sources to solar energy will contribute to the elimination of this
problem. Solar energy is the most cleanest and most reliable source of renewable energy. Mersin has a mostly sunny atmosphere throughout in the
year. This because, solar energy plants will be very useful in Mersin. Mersin is a city with the necessary conditions for solar energy system. It is a city with all the necessary conditions, such as places where systems can be installed with work force. For these reasons, it is a very convenient place for solar
energy system.

Solar energy is used in the sunny areas, this means Mersin takes the sun at the right angle. This proposition and information can easily shows us why the solar energy will be used in the sunny climate cities such as Mersin. For example, in Barcelona there is a world’s biggest solar energy land. The climate between Mersin and Barcelona is almost similiar to each other. In addition, there are more suitable lands to construct solar energy facilities. The facilities that provides energy which comes from the solar have some benefits to people. First of all, it is easy and cheap to produce. There is no required raw material for production, the system use the sun beam from the sun, that is why it is cheap. On the other hand, when we compare with the other energy producing systems, the solar energy is more nature friendly than the others. While production and usage of this energy is increasing, the polution for water and air are decreasing. If it is required to explain it in an example, increased efficiency of agriculture fields due to the clean water. Comparing with the other energy production facilities, solar energy affect people’s health in a positive way with the clean and fresh air. In this way, the quality of life will be increased and life span of the people will be longer than the other cities. All of these propositions are explains us why Mersin is significant for the solar energy.

To sum up, the World order is changing because of the harmful usage and production of energy. As we are people, we have to be more careful for the World starting with changing our energy systems. My hometown as I said in the article is very suitable for these applications. That’s why I choose this energy system.

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Solar Energy in Mersin Town
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