The Sole Responsible For the Earths Destruction

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Throughout society as it is today, and as it has been in the past, the catastrophe of pollution is a problem that only increases as decades go on and will continue to do so if people don't recognize the mishap and identify the underlying causes. The sole and major reason (as often suspected) for pollution is more so than often our own kind-humans. People are the ones to often have a complaint on the health defects that "suddenly happen" and often think that these factors merely result from what they intake in relevance to diet, however, the problem is much more broad than that.

These defects happen from our own human causes and the obsene actions people do in ignorance. This accounts for traffic and power generation which accumulates air pollution, oil spills in the oceans causing defects to not only human lives but the marine life making it rapidly decline, and even the most "minor" thing of all, dryer vents.

However, this list is only a minor portion for what has been and what will be done and destructed.

Continuously, the problem isn't primarily subjected at the United States population, it goes beyond the imaginable towards the entire world. Moreover, from conducting an abundance of research, one can conclude that the United States could be of the top countries to take first place in the participation of pollution. In a journal titled “Pollution" Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal”, it talks about major oil spills and actually one of the largest ones to ever happen.

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It says “Environmental workers in Alaska were yesterday racing to clean up 111,300 gal of oily water that spilled from a leaky oil pipeline, officials said. Some 80 workers were battling to clean up the oily water that covers about two acres in what ranks as one of the largest industrial spills ever seen in the oilfields of northern Alaska's North Slope region". Reading that, the immediate shock is "Wow… 111,300 gallons of oil” and it's depressing because not only is that a loss financially, it makes for a loss of human and animal lives. Oil is something that is semi volatile in which this means that it evaporates in the air creating an enormously heavy vapor into what we humans breathe. People more so than often develop health defects such as the obvious difficulty of breathing, nausea, headaches and even signs of vomiting. What scientifically causes these deficiencies is the volatile chemicals (also known as VOCS) as well as petroleum hydrocarbons that oil contains which are toxic to not only our skin but obviously our airways. Also proven, over a series of time around these chemicals, there are many linkages to the causation of cancer. If the thought of pollution causing cancer is not enough for an individual to participate in helping our environment, we are in some deep and serious trouble for what has yet to come. Within this research that has been conducted, it was clear as to what specific people should avoid all circumstance when it comes to oil spills and the top two victims would be people with respiratory disease and pregnant women. The VOCs, as mentioned previously, are extremely harmful to all human life, however, miscarriages have been highly associated with these chemicals and respiratory diseased patients cannot undergo an additional defect to what they already obtain and undergo.

As stated before, pollution is a global catastrophe and with that being said, there was an abundance of information on the problems that China is undergoing. In an article titled “Water, Pollution, and Public Health in China”, it states “Studies show that over 30 billion tons of urban sewage is discharged into China's rivers, lakes, and seas each year, with between 2.7 and 10% receiving no prior treatment”. This is absolutely absurd and a way that no individual should have to live. It continues, "Untreated sewage contains large numbers of pathogenic micro-organisms such as Schistosoma ova, Cercaria, and ova of parasitic flukes and worms. Many of China's wastewater treatment plants must serve at least 15 million people per day”. These people sadly don't even have the means of showering, let alone drinking safe disinfected water. Furthermore, as already relevant and obvious, pollution take an enormous toll on human health. Coming to the overall conclusion on pollution, air pollution is one of the most toll taking factors. In an excerpt titled “Air Pollution: Human and Experimental Toxicology”, the author Maynard states "Perceptions of the effects on health of air pollutants have changed dramatically over the past thirty-five years. It is now clear that current, historically low, concentrations of air pollutants have significant effects on health and that these effects bear most heavily on deaths and illness caused by cardiovascular diseases.” This generally gives a good idea on how large of a toll air pollutants take on the human life. Also, he says "Lessattention has been paid to the effects of gaseous air pollutants: it may be that their effects have been, and are, under-estimated”. People, unintentionally, are destroying the ground under our feet whether it's oil spills, gaseous spills, and simply the concept of not cleaning up after themselves. If everyone on this earth chooses not to clean up or make the efforts to do so, how are we to continue this life? On the more relatable aspect of things, asthma is a factor that effects many people and even myself. In an article titled "Outdoor Air Pollution and Asthma” by John Balmes, he states “Traffic and power generation are the main sources of urban air pollution. The idea that outdoor air pollution can cause exacerbations of pre existing asthma is supported by an evidence base that has been accumulating for several decades, with several studies suggesting a contribution to new-onset asthma as well.” When there is real life evidence based claims, how is the human population going to ignore this and do absolutely nothing about it? People are more so than often undereducated about the endless possibilities. For example, something that was taken by a huge surprise, as it would to many, dryer vents are actually extremely harmful in almost the same way that oil spills can take a huge toll on human lives. In a web article by Kessler titled “Dryer Vents: An Overlooked Source of Pollution", scientists wanted to conduct research to see how and if dryer vents do take a toll on people's health. In conclusion, “The investigators identified a total of 29 unique volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the dryer-vent emissions. Ten VOCs identified in the headspace analyses also appeared in the emissions when laundry products were used”. How horrifying is it to know that just within an individuals own household, they are at life threatening risks.

Lastly, the entirety of this essay may have been intended to specifically get the audience to become aware of what could effect the human life, plant life, and environment, however, this doesn't account for those actually stepping up to the plate to change the catastrophe. Within an evidence based claim from 2005 to 2015, there have been an abundance of efforts and the sources are nothing but pure confirmation. In 2010 in a web post by Dougherty titled “Pollution Prevention Institute Looks to Expand Offerings”, the Pollution Prevention Institute worked with many hotels and it was nothing but a evident success. “The institute worked with 42 hotels, finding ways for them to reduce energy consumption, use less water in cleaning and other activities, and cut down on use of cleaning supplies containing volatile chemicals” (Dougherty), resultantly, the feedback was nothing but beneficial and even the head of human resources for the Rif Inn states that it really helped the hotel administration grasp a great idea on how to be more resourceful and reduce the waste output. It's the simplest experiments conducted like this that could make such a drastic change. If one takes into consideration of how many hotels they've stayed in and how much waste they have contributed to, unknowingly, it's a lot. What hotels need to do is make their customers aware on how to help whether it's a basis of verbal communication or leaving signs around on the things that need to be preserved, such as electricity and water. Another website found that talks about changing our disastrous ways is titled "Pollution Prevention

Week: Tips to Living Greener”, and what this excerpt does it cover the broad spectrum on how we can prevent a world that is not Green. The writing includes things, such as, "Ride a bike, carpool, walk, or take mass transportation to work or school, use re-useable lunch containers bags rather than paper or plastic", and even to take the initiative to "Help start a recycling program at school or at work”. Stopping pollution isn't something that needs to be expensive. With how many times a week a college student gets coffee, soda, or anything in relevance to those, the littlest step one could do is recycle…it's free! Some people may look at these factors in ignorance but when you think about the bigger picture, if we are all doing the right things as a community we are only heading in the right direction of our future world as we know it. Last but not least, this last article is nothing but an abundance of advice to individuals that started all the way back in 2005, eleven years ago. The title is "Pollution. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal” The journal covers hazards and disasters studies, disaster risk reduction and management, impacts of and response to disasters, and post-disaster recovery, basically aspects that are very much similar to all of the pollution prevention articles. What is eye opening about this article is that it shows individuals that not only in present day, but also in the past that means of pollution existed and it will continue to be that way unless everyone works together to do something about it. As mentioned from the get go of this essay, if our society treats this dispute as something minor, this world is in a means of deterioration to our health and surroundings.

In conclusion, as evident and clear as can be, our world is heading for a complete disaster. People are contributing to the overall misfortune through means of oil pollutants, air pollutants, water pollutants and simply emitting these dangerous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not saying that everyone is ignorant, but a good amount of people more so than often come to the conclusion that the means of saving our environment is “too hard” or even "not in our budget since there is an abundance of debt as it is”, yet what they don't realize is the solution is quite easy. Throwing away the littlest things such as bottle caps, working more diligently and carefully to make sure oil spills are not going to be an occurrence, saving water and electricity when staying in hotels, and one of the largest problem solvers as we know it today, trying to not use car emissions if need not be. Many individuals think the underlying cause of the collapse of a clean environment has to do with the government and the power that they withhold, however, as this may be true to a certain extent, studies and evidence based claims have proven that humans are the absolute number one cause. Personally, the means of pollution education should start at the basis of elementary school. It's a factor that needs to be paid attention to throughout our entire lives in contrast to how it is today with people just becoming aware in their late adulthood. Our population keeps on getting bigger and bigger each and every day, yet if we want this to be an ongoing occurrence, we need to create a life and environment sustainable for lives now and lives yet to come. Obviously, as this is an international problem, this needs to not only be a solution in the United States, but for many other countries in this entire world.

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The Sole Responsible For the Earths Destruction
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