The Solutions to the Pollution in Our Environment

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Over the last decade the amount of pollution emitted into the environment hasincreased drastically worldwide. Pollution has taken a big toll on the amount of carbon in theatmosphere and chemicals present in large bodies of water.

Many people deny that this isbecoming a health hazard while others believe that it is. In fact, Frank Kelly and JuliaFussels' article, “Air Pollution and Public Health: Emerging Hazards and ImprovedUnderstanding of Risk” argue that “Over the last ten years, there has been substantial increasein findings that particulate matter air pollution… is also associated with a broader number ofdisease outcomes.

" Which goes to prove that pollution has the potential to harm and killpeople around the world. Feleafel and Mirdad also agree with Kelly and Fussell by stating intheir article, "contamination of the environment is an important human health problem"(547). Although many health and environmental regulations have been set forth againstpollution. An abundance of big industries continues to emit large quantities of toxic gassesinto the air and big bodies of water. Thus, it is imperative to comprehend what formspollution can take and the health hazards that come along with each form. What is somethingthat can be done to prevent further pollution by these big industries, and what steps can betaken to aid in the movement against pollution. All these questions are what I plan to answerwithin my paper.First, pollution can be in the form a gas, liquid or solid. The most common formknown in the world is the growing amount of atmospheric pollution.

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Many big manufacturingcompanies are at fault for the increasing pollution into the air. On a daily these big industriesemit a great number of deathly toxins that are harmful to the life of others. Theses toxinspresent in pollution have been known to create a hazardous effect on the health of citizensfound near these big industries. According to Kelly and Fussell, “air pollution is…. associatedwith a broader number of disease outcomes” (631).

Thus, proving that toxins have a directcorrelation with the number of diseases arising from air pollution. Which indicates that the risk of acquiring a disease increases by a great factor if exposed to pollution. Disease such asstroke, pulmonary disease and lung cancer are all vulnerable to those breathing in pollutedair. Along with increasing disease outcomes, air pollution has started to affect the way babiesdevelop in the fetus. According to Kelly and Fussell, “We now have evidence linking longterm exposure to PM with adverse birth outcomes" (635). In other words, the Particulatematter, or toxins, in the air have been proven to prevent embryonic development within thefetus. Thus, causing the baby to have long-term consequences on their health. Mothers whoexpose their embryo to polluted air, put their child at risk to premature birth and low birthweight. In addition to causing harmful health effects on infants' pollution continues to harmchildren throughout their childhood. According to Ambient Air Pollution: Health Hazards tochildren, “Because children spend more time outdoors… they have increased exposure tooutdoor air pollution” (1699). This indicates that children who spend much of their timeoutdoors are at a risk of developing a respiratory disease. For parents this is a veryconcerning topic, they don't want to let their child be vulnerable to respiratory problems. Atthe same time, they want their child to be active and live a healthy lifestyle by spending theirtime outdoors. Thus, making it a difficult choice to make for the sake of their child's health.Not very many things separate children and adults from pollution. Except for the thin layer ofthe face mask to prevent inhalation of polluted air.

Furthermore, air pollution has been provento be the main cause of many disease and respiratory problems in people of all ages. It hasreduced the amount of breathable air in the atmosphere and created smog in industrial cities.Just like air pollution, the ongoing pollution of water is contributing to amount of risinghealth hazards in young children and adults.Second, unlike the direct correlation between diseases and air pollution, waterpollution uses marine animals as a median to affect the health of humans. Large oil refineriesfound in the oceans contribute to the amount of pollution found in water. These refineries contribute by the constant spills of vessels that carry tanks of oil. Such spills did not arise anymajor type of health concerns until the big oil spill that occurred in 1980. According toGeorge J. Busenburg, “The Exon Valdez disaster acted as a focusing event, focusing publicand political attention on the environmental hazards of marine oil trade” (205). Busenburgstates that until the Exon Valdez, no environmental health hazard was seen by the public.Although oil pollution does not have a direct correlation with health hazards in humans, thehealth hazard derives from oil exposure to marine life. With oil spills becoming morecommon throughout the oceans. The release of toxins into oceans are becoming more lifethreatening to the lives of those who consume seas food due to algae blooms developing fromtoxins present in oil and other harmful substances. In fact, According Rachel Numer article,Vast and Pristine, Russia's Lake Baikal Is Invaded by Harmful Algae, “Algal blooms, forinstance, can produce neurotoxins to fish and crustaceans – and the humans who consumethem” (New York Times).

By this Numer implies that toxins released into the oceans can bedeathly to our health through the consuming of marine animals, such as fish and otherseafood. Without knowing it we as people are poisoning the very same fish, shrimp etc. weeat. In addition to poisoning the seafood, pollution is limiting the amount of consumable freshwater in the world. The same algae bloom found in oceans is also threatening the amount ofconsumable fresh water found in lakes found around the world. In fact, according to Numer,"Algal blooms threaten iconic freshwater bodies around the world including the Great Lakes,Lake Geneva, and Lake Biwa in Japan" (New York Times). Thus, proposing that alae boomsare growing in great numbers in most fresh waters found in the world. The reason behindalgae blooms is due to the increase of sewage and runoff of fertilizer into these fresh bodiesof water. With fertilizer, present, the growth of alae increases by a great fraction and rids thewater of oxygen, thus killing any lifeform present within the water. Which in return is ahazard to locals who depend on the freshwater as tap water or use the fish as a source of food.Furthermore, many reforms must be passed forth to help in reducing pollution in water.Action should be taken against these big oil companies to keep oil from spilling into the seas.Without any restrictions on the oil companies, spills continue to occur and more healthhazards will arise. As for the runoffs, the use of fertilizer should be banned to keep bodies offreshwater alive and well. Without freshwater, the life of everyone on the planet can be at agreat risk. Just like freshwater is threatened by runoff, the soil imposes the same threat.Just like air and water pollutants, soil pollutants can be harmful to the health of manypeople. In fact, by depositing pollutants into soil can increase the number of chemicalspresent. One chemical that is well known to be in soil, is the metal lead (Ph). This metal iswell known to be absorbed by many leafy plants. Although too much lead can release toxininto the plant, thus making it poisonous to consume.

According to Feleafel and Mirdad,"Lead is present in soil as a result of…. Pollution arising from anthropogenic activities, suchas mining, smelting and waste disposal” (549). In other words, Feleafel and Mirdad state thatmost of the lead found within the soil originate from the pollution of mining companies,landfills and unsafe agriculture practice. Thus implicating that most lead that is absorbed bythe soil come from sewage water used to water the plants. With a high concentration of leadfound in the soil, many children are at a higher risk in being harmed. It has the capacity todamage the central nervous system of young children which can then lead to mentalimpairment. In fact, according to, "kids are more sensitiveto various pollutants and they may come in close contact with soil by regularly playing in theground…” (Environmental Pollution centers).

Thus, stating that pollutants in the soil aremore likely to affect children than adults. Although adults are still at risk by consuming plantsthat are filled with the toxic metal, they are at much less risk than children playing in the soil.With the growing of pollution in soil the health of young children are at risk. No action hasbeen done to prevent the ongoing of lead exposure to young children. Furthermore, safe agricultural practices must be done to keep lead from being found in plants and soils. On thatnote regulations should be set forth against fertilizers that contain large amounts of leadpresent.In conclusion pollution of the air, water and soil contribute to a large amount of thehealth concerns in the world. Many restrictions are being create to reduce the amount ofpollution that is released into the planet. Although many of these do not completely takepower away from large companies, it is still a good start on the fight against pollution. As ofright now many reforms are being written to completely end pollution around the world.Many are not passed in compliance with it not having enough health risks to be approved.Day in and day out thousands of people are fighting against the hazardous toxins that arereleased into the air. Various people in Ching are having to wear face masks to walk outside.Due to the amount of pollution being emitted by manufacturing companies. While people incountries in India fight to keep their oceans and lakes alive from the pollution of oil.

Tocompletely rid the planet of the rising health hazard of pollution. People around the worldmust be informed of all the health hazardous that are caused by pollution. Presentation andother sorts of informative ways should be used to help teach the upcoming generation aboutpollution. Which can then help arise more health issues to promote a new reform to stop allthe pollution taking place around the world. Such simple things as picking up trash on theside of the street or reusing plastic cups can aid in the fight against the ongoing pollution.


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