Some Causes, Consequences, and Types of Pollution

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Pollution, in the form of air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution, has become a big problem in today's world. Pollution can have disastrous consequences on the health of an individual as well as to the climate as well if it is not reduced. This essay will discuss some of the causes and consequences of pollution.

Air pollution is caused when cars or factories release smoke which is toxic and which produce carbon dioxide. The smoke released from factories and vehicles can be harmful to our lungs and can worsen the health condition of an individual if the latter is frequently exposed to such pollution.

Besides, with massive deforestation, there are fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide and to release oxygen for the stability of the climate. Deforestation therefore contributes to worsen the negative consequences of pollution.

Noise pollution is another example of pollution which is caused by loud music which disturbs the neighborhood or from heavy vehicles.

Also, some people have the habit of horning frequently when they drive, especially if they are stuck in a traffic jam. This loud noise can become unbearable when more and more drivers horn for no reason on the road. Noise pollution can damage our hearing abilities and can even cause people to be deaf.

Water pollution is also an issue of concern because it is dangerous to the marine life. By constantly disposing waste at sea, human beings are worsening the situation.

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Plastic bags can suffocate fishes if they are caught in one. Furthermore, nature is beautiful and we should not pollute the landscape by littering around. Disposing waste at sea renders the water dirty which can be toxic to the marine life. Even fishes cannot live in dirty water. They can die and rare species could be endangered. As it has been discussed above, pollution is becoming an ever-growing concern in today's world. We should protect our environment and we should build a pleasant world to live in, that is, a world with less or no pollution. Vehicles which release too much smoke should have regular servicing done and people should dispose of their waste products responsibly.

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Some Causes, Consequences, and Types of Pollution
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