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There are some sports that literally uses animals as participants for their competitions, live in front of their audiences and the media. Some of those sports uses those animals to get them into a fight, maybe a wrestling, a race, or whatever in which they were the only players of their own game. But some of them also involves human and animal cooperation with some purposes such as riding, etc. Let us know some of the famous animal sports that has occurred or still occurring in our modern society.

Bullfighting has been a tradition in Spain. It is one of the biggest and famous Fiesta traditions on their land. Bullfighting is a fight between a bull and a man. The game will only be considered culminated when the man successfully killed the bull. According to David Thyberg, bullfighting is a bloody and violent type of sport that straddles the boundaries between art and brutality. Bulfighting is not only popular in Spain, but it also known in some countries such as France and Mexico.

The practice of bullying is legal on their place and their official government has laws to support their practice of the specific sport. Cockfight is also an ancient sport. Who would have not watched or heard of it? This sport is where roosters are pitted together in the middle of the spot for them to get into a fight. This fight gets bloody and sometimes results to one’s death.

The one who ended better than its opponent is the one considered to be the winner of the game.

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The winners are those who put their bet on the rooster that wins. This sports is still occurring in countries such as Cuba, Columbia, Mexico, France and Philippines. Dog fighting is slightly similar to cock fighting because it also involves two dogs to get into a fight. But before the game begins, animals are being starved as preparation because they believe that when animals are hungry, they will be showing more aggression. In today’s world, this sport has already been banned in many countries. But in Japan and some parts of Russia, this sport is still legally practiced. Rodeo, according to Niranjan Desphande (2017), is the official sport of many states in the United States and involves many types of plays like riding the bull, wrestling, racing etc. Desphande also mentioned that backlash from animal welfare supporters has mellowed down the sport a bit in recent years. Aside from the United States, Rodeo is also widely accepted in countries such as Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico and South America.

Camel Wrestling is also similar to dog fighting because it also involves to camels fighting in the middle of the audience and they are also getting starved to be more aggressive in the game. Camel wrestling has been famous in Turkey and still exists in some parts of Asia and in the Middle East. Horse and dog races are also popular in some countries especially in the United Kingdom. According to Rebecca Shaw, in the UK, these races are very popular and many people will bet money on a particular animal to win the race. Shaw also mentioned that it is exciting to attend one of these races and feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you watch the animal you have put your bet on to give its best running as fast as it can. There are still more sports that involves animals to be discussed. Some of the specific sports came from the ancient times and became part of their culture and tradition. Those sports can be classified into categories such as animal racing sports, animal riding sports and animal hunting. In animal racing, animals are highly trained to gain strength, speed and agility in order to take place on a race. Horse is one of the most often used animals in animal racing.

While in animal riding, a man is involved and is required to ride an animal and take control on it throughout the game or race depending on its rules. Horse riding and camel riding are mainly examples of animal riding. Meanwhile, in animal hunting, animals are being haunted depending on what type of animals the hunters are wanting to catch or kill. It also depends on them on why they are doing that. Hunting includes dog hunting, which is already banned in UK, bird shooting, etc. Different views and perspectives has been divided among people about animals being involved in sports. There have been occurring debates and arguments in this kind of matter especially for those who are animal lovers. The good thing is some of those are already banned but some of them are still occurring and legally approved in different places around the world with the protection of their own laws even though we all know it regulates the rights of those innocent animals being used for entertainment and leisure purposes. Some animals are suffering on their trainings, some are required to die in the fight in order to win, but some died fighting. Animals also are beautiful creatures with senses like humans. They feel things, they get hurt, they get hungry, they feel tired, all because they have a life like us. So who are we to limit their freedom in this world we do not own? Who are we to deprive their life when we are not the ones who made them exist?

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