Stability of World Companies: Bec&Bridge

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Executive Summary

Bec&Bridge has been a successfully run company for over last years, employing many strategic brand decisions to improve the brand equity. The purpose of the following report is to analyze the successes and failures of these strategies. This brand arouse questions regarding the target market, controversial advertisements, marketing techniques, corporate financials, and many brand extensions that have contributed to the continuing success of the company.

The future holds an opportunity to make their presence known even more than in recent years.

Introduction The Bec & Bridge is the multinational fashion based company, founded in 2004 with the motto "must have", because of uniqueness and special requirements for designing, mixing and casting of various costumes bec and bridge organized their bussiness into different staged that involved in the project to gain sufficient experience and confidence.Today\'s bec&bridge is one of the most recognized brand in the world and is registered in many countries.

Background of the Company

Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston are the stylists behind Bec & Bridge, a Sydney-based label known for elegant lines and framework.

A combination of sheer creative talent and savvy bussiness sense has been seen two young australians grow their label in leaps and bounds, both locally and abroad. During their graduation, in 2000, they started customizing jeans for their friends by spraying, dying and distressing them.

Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston completed thier Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles at the University of Technology, in 2004, Sydney. During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2004 Bec & Bridge were noticed and named as boutiques across the country.

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Within few years Bec & Bridge focused on growing their business in Australia and overseas, and their brand has explored into an international occurrence.

That was 15 years ago, and today Bec & Bridge is one of the Australia's most successful fashion businesses, beloved of celebrities and they have successfully expanded into overseas with best selling ranges. "As a brand that deeply committed to people and the planet. The ongoing development of social and environmental strategy is of great importance." It is evident that Bec&Bridge saw that product line extension was necessary for company success as well as a means to surpass his competition.

Environmental Marketing Analysis

The SWOT analysis is an important factor for the most of the marketing plans, helping to produce realistic and meaningful recommendations. The first half of this analysis consist of strength and weakness that kept to the appendices examines their postion which include their competitors activity, environmental trends and company resources. The second half further represents the oppurtunities and threats identified and to make recommendations that field into marketingstrategy and the marketing mix.

Recommended Marketing Strategies for Next Five Year

With the combination of well known companies, Bec + Bridge provide more moralistic and custom values. They collaborate the various designs created by their trustworthy and excellent designers who worked for them over a decade. Some of them are shown in the provided link In future, Berky Cooper and Bridge Yorston contributing for greater reliability and sustainibility that leads to more beneficial for both the company and the customers subsequently.


A spokeswoman for P.E. Nation said the brand had chosen not to respond to the survey while it "is on a journey developing ethical and social compliance programmes and to become a more sustainable business", including launching its first range made from recycled materials. The failure by 95 per cent to pay workers a living wage is still a major area for improvement, Mr Hickey said. There is need of some alterations in its documentry and reporting practices, among other changes.

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