A Study About A Hall of Biodiversity

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Hall of biodiversity is a resource center for keeping variety of living things. Spectrum of life can be seen every one who enters here. A vast array of living creatures interacts and co-exists within a single ecosystem. The environment comprises life-size Dzanga -Sangha Rain forest and filled with smells and sounds of living species. The resource center offers an in-depth exploration of various peculiarities and threats to biodiversity. Different organizations and individuals can work to preserve the species of the world and ecosystem in general.

The hall exerts the effort of the museum to give warning to the public. The bio diversity can no longer sustain life and it leads to the potential ecological crisis we are experiencing today.

Ross Hall of Meteorites is a place where some finest specimens of meteorite are exposed. These are rocks from the space that landed on the Earth. Every year from all over the world scientist recovers small portions of these falling stars. The hall also demonstrates extra-solar Nano diamonds that are more than five billion years old.

The rocks contain valuable clues that assist scientist in understanding how stars like the Sun were formed. The scientists also try to understand how such planets as The Earth and others took shape many years ago.

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life designed to support marine life and reconstruct history of marine creatures which are in danger of extinction. The first hall's attraction is the blue whale model which is 94 -foot long. It is hang up from dorsal fin and due to its impressive size occupies quite a lot of space.

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The other notable exhibits of the hall are the Andros coral reef diorama, the only demonstrated two-level diorama in the Western Hemisphere.

The Rose Centre for Earth and Space is housed in glass cubes that contain the spherical Space Theater. It is a research centre, an educational centre as well as Hayden planetarium. In this hall there are photographic exhibits about the landing of Apollo on the Moon. 75 photographs are well displayed on the ground floor of the Rose Hall Center.

The Hall of Human origins is the main exhibition that presents the detailed investigations of human evolution. On the displays there are traces of the story of Homo sapiens, their origin and activities. Cosmic Pathway gently slopes in the 360-foot walkway. The path leads all visitors to explore 13 billion years old cosmic evolution. The Cosmic Pathway demonstrates the universe development using a wide range of media. Revealing secrets of cosmic pathway is an extremely fascinating journey and people like blogging about what they discovered about themselves, and their place in this vast universe.


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A Study About A Hall of Biodiversity
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